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The American Revolution

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The American Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The American Revolution. Reaction to Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts). · 1st Continental Congress ·Meeting of colonial leaders to discuss American-British relations (Philly, No GA) ·Mixed goals ·Compromised - Boycott but prepare for war. Declaration of Rights. · 1774

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Reaction to Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)

·1st Continental Congress

·Meeting of colonial leaders to discuss American-British relations (Philly, No GA)

·Mixed goals

·Compromised - Boycott but prepare for war


Declaration of Rights


·10 resolutions presented to King George

·Did not want to separate

·List of problems that the King should fix


Paul Revere's Ride

·Colonists stockpiling weapons in Concord, Mass

·British move to seize weapons and capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock

·Revere rides to alert local militias (caught, arrested)

·Minutemen - Local militia, ready to fight at any minute


Lexington and Concord

·1st Battles of Revolution

·"Shot heard 'round the world"

·Redcoats win Lexington, lose Concord

·Redcoats - British soldiers

·Patriots - Wanted independence


2nd Continental Congress

·Write state constitutions

·Make Mass. militia into Continental army (GW)

·Olive Branch Petition - Last attempt to avoid war - Rejected


Battle of Bunker Hill

·Colonists take high ground at Breed's Hill

·Low on ammo - "Don't fire until you see the white in their eyes"

·Force British to retreat twice - Then run out of ammo

·Result: Lose but prove they could hang - Heavy losses for British


Dorchester Heights

·GW takes control of Army

·Brings in cannon from Ft. Ticonderoga (Benedict Arnold)

·Stations in position to wipe out British - British retreat

·Result - Boston is in control of Patriots


Declaration of Independence

·Jan 1776 - Thomas Paine - Common Sense

·Citizens, NOT Kings and Queens should be in charge of Gov and make laws

·Organized Colonists thoughts/problems about King and England


Declaration of Independence

·Thomas Jefferson - Main author

·Inalienable Rights

·King George violated rights with taxes

·Social Contract - Right to break away


Today is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Do you believe as a country we are at threat of a major attack from a big country or are we generally safe?


The Declaration of Independence clearly states ALL men are created equal and ALL men are given life, liberty and pursuit of happiness...Where does this leave slaves?.


Revolutionary War Women

·Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hayes)

·Brought water to troops

·Took husbands spot loading cannons when he was injured

·Deborah Simpson

·Dressed as a man and fights - Wounded twice


Canadian/NY Theater

·British look to split Patriots down Hudson

·Held up at Saratoga

·Pushed back to Trenton and Princeton (Wash Xing)

·Nathan Hale - "I regret that I only have but 1 life to give for my country"


Help From Europe

·Lafayette - Wealthy Frenchman

·Brings soldiers and $$

·Becomes Commander and chases British through Virginia

·von Steuben - Prussian commander

·Gives Patriots basic military training at V.F.

·Ben Franklin - Convinces France to join war


Valley Forge

·No battles - Fight the brutal winter

·Low supplies, food, clothing

·Trained by von Steuben


War at Sea

·Build small navy (8 ships)

·Cannot face British Navy - Attack supply ships and supply centers

·John Paul Jones - Clever Naval leader


Southern Theater

·British dominate in the South

·Promise freedom to slaves who fight

·Brutal fighting - Patriots vs Loyalist

·Georgia and Carolinas fall quickly


·Patriots change tactics - Guerilla warfare - Hit and run

·Small attacks in close space

·Francis Marion vs Tarleton



·British move troops to Yorktown VA to squeeze out Patriots

·Lafayette blocks southern land retreat

·Washington blocks northern land

·French attack with navy


·British must surrender

·2 year treaty process begins

·Treaty of Paris of 1783


Betsy Ross and the American Flag

·Flag is called "The Stars and Stripes"

·Stars in circle to show unity between states

·Controversy - Her family claimed in 1870s she made flag

·No proof either way

·Only official credit is going from 6 point star to 5