Social protection in bangladesh
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Social Protection in Bangladesh. Presentation by Group#01 composed as follows- GPP01: Nazmul Islam Shamim GPP03:Md. Mizanur Rahman GPP04: Mainuduuin Ahmed GPP05: Morsheda Begum GPP07: Rafiqul Islam. Social Protection: Definition.

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Social protection in bangladesh

Social Protection in Bangladesh



Group#01 composed as follows-

GPP01: Nazmul Islam Shamim

GPP03:Md. Mizanur Rahman

GPP04: Mainuduuin Ahmed

GPP05: Morsheda Begum

GPP07: Rafiqul Islam

Social protection definition
Social Protection: Definition

ILO defines social protection broadly covering all safeguards and guarantees against loss of income due to illness, old age, unemployment, or other hardship (ILO Website).

World Bank defines social protection narrowly as public interventions oriented to human capital and social risk management to help individuals, households and communities better manage risk, and provide support to incapacitated poor (World Bank 1999, 2000).

Bangladesh Government social protection policy is close to World Bank definition of social protection.

Social protection how does it come forward
Social Protection: How does it come forward

The idea evolves :

1. in the western rich countries-

  • After the Great depression in 1930s and the Second World War.

    2. In developing countries

  • Social protection has been evolved as a tool of post-colonial policy measure.

Social protection policies and strategies in bangladesh
Social Protection Policies and Strategies in Bangladesh

poverty reduction policies, strategies and programs (NSAPR II, 2009-11)

Sixth Five Year Plan (2011-15).

implemented through ADPs

Social protection policies and strategies in bangladesh contd
Social Protection Policies and Strategies in Bangladesh (contd.)

  • Social Protection Focus Areas:

    • social safety net programmes;

    • food security;

    • disaster management;

    • micro-credit and

    • rural non-farm activities.

Social safety net programs
Social Safety Net Programs (contd.)

Social safety net is defined

  • all kinds of cash and kind transfers to the poor,

  • all welfare activities

  • unemployment benefits for retrenched workers

  • subsidized health care

  • shelters for the homeless

  • pension benefits, which prevent individuals from falling into poverty.

Food security
Food Security (contd.)

  • Food Security policies focus on:

    • ensure adequate and stable supply of safe and nutritious food;

    • enhance the purchasing power of the people for increased access to food; and

    • ensure adequate nutrition for all, especially women, children and persons with disabilities.

  • Food Security programs include:

    FFW, OMS, VGD, VGF, TR, Food subsidy, Employment in char areas etc.

Disaster management
Disaster Management (contd.)

  • Strategies for Disaster Management will focus on:

    • collective action of public sector, NGOs and community organizations to reduce the risk of disasters in the country,

    • increase the mitigation capacity of the community and NGOs,

    • promoting optimum coordination and best utilization of resources along with ensuring community participation, and

    • undertaking measures for dealing with disasters such as Tsunami and earthquake.

Microcredit (contd.)

Challenges with regard to microcredit are:

  • prevalence of high interest rates ,

  • vicious cycle of microcredit

  • microcredit programs have not been very successful in including the hardcore poor;

  • rate of graduation to above the poverty line among the microcredit borrowers is low

Rural non farm activities
Rural Non-Farm Activities (contd.)

It focus on two broad areas:

  • improving the rural investment climate; and

  • supporting institutional framework.

Social protection programs projects
Social Protection Programs/Projects (contd.)

  • Social Protection programs are being financed from both revenue and development budget (Annual Development Program). These social protection programs are grouped as:

    • Cash transfer,

    • Food Assistance, and

    • Social Empowerment programmes.

Social protection programs projects1
Social Protection Programs/Projects (contd.)

70 + programs / projects are being implemented by different ministries viz.

  • Ministry of Food and Disaster Management,

  • Ministry of Social Welfare,

  • Ministry of Women and Children Affairs,

  • Ministry of Agriculture,

  • Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock,

  • Ministry of Finance,

  • Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives,

  • Ministry of Primary and Mass Education,

  • Ministry of Education,

  • Ministry of Health and Family Planning,

  • Ministry of Environment and Forest,

  • Ministry of Youth and Sports,

  • Liberation War Affairs Ministry,

  • Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs Ministry, and

  • Ministry of Commerce.

Limitations of social protection policies and programs
Limitations of Social Protection Policies and Programs (contd.)

Low coverage: Only fractions (less then 10 percent of the poor) of those who need social protection are covered and reach less then 5 million people (WB 2006).

Inappropriate targeting: overlapping and inclusion of ineligible persons in Safety Net Program is common

Leakage: leakage is more prevalent in in-kind programs than in cash programs

Projection universal social protection in bangladesh
Projection: Universal Social Protection in Bangladesh (contd.)

  • Adding more 1.5% of GDP to social protection program, Bangladesh could achieve universal social protection to its hard core poor.

    This additional spending can arrange by-

    -reprioritizing existing public spending

    - fiscal effort to generate additional domestic resources

    -some additional assistance from the development partners.

Thanks (contd.)