green electricity from the mediterranean from vision to partnership n.
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Green Electricity from the Mediterranean from Vision to Partnership

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Green Electricity from the Mediterranean from Vision to Partnership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green Electricity from the Mediterranean from Vision to Partnership. March 2009 Dr. Paul H. Suding, GTZ. 1. The Basis: TREC - DESERTEC.

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green electricity from the mediterranean from vision to partnership

Green Electricity from the Mediterraneanfrom Vision to Partnership

March 2009

Dr. Paul H. Suding, GTZ

1 the basis trec desertec
1. The Basis: TREC - DESERTEC
  • Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Cooperation (TREC), initiative of the Club of Rome, international network of scientists and engineers’ collaboration amongst countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EUMENA)
  • Two studies, MED CSP and TRANS-CSP, directed by German Aerospace Centre (DLR) Energy Research, financed by German Ministry for the Environment (BMU), presented in 2006 the solar potentials, future energy requirements and opportunities for CSP and the Transmission of Green electricity
  • Results were used to develop the DESERTEC concept (Clean Power from Deserts)

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

desertec vision of eumena interconnected electricity transmission
DESERTEC Vision of EUMENA interconnected electricity transmission

DAG Egypt Subgroup Env

2 new dynamics plan solaire or mediterranean solar plan
2. New Dynamics: “plan solaire” or Mediterranean Solar Plan
  • Developing the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), French officials picked up the DESERTEC Idea and joined forces with German BMU to elaborate the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), or “Plan Solaire Méditerranéen”
  • MSP has become one of the key projects of the newly founded UfM, presidency of France and Egypt
  • MSP has provided enormous politic momentum and the common denominator of related initiatives

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

msp objectives
MSP Objectives
  • 20 GW of new installed capacity by 2020 with focus on Concentrating Solar Power,
  • Also includes other Renewables and Energy Efficiency
  • Supply domestic markets and to export markets, in particular in the European Union
  • Total investment of the scheme estimated at 80 to 100 billion Euro

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

steps of msp
Steps of MSP
  • Phase 1 (2008-2009): Definition of Objectives and Organization of Process
  • Phase 2 (2009 – 2011):

- Development of economical and technological Pilot Projects

    • Master Plan and Feasibility Studies
  • Phase 3( - 2020) Large scale development

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

status of msp 02 2009
Status of MSP 02/2009

Ad 1. after numerous Meetings in Europe in 2008; Organization of Process still on;

  • Questioning of pilot project based approach (vs focus on framework conditions in MENA and EU)
  • Efforts to including better the needs and views of developing MENA countries
  • From task force to core group

Ad 2. List of Projects under development,

  • Based on REMAP Project list and others
  • Open: Criteria for selection, Financing etc
  • Planned investors conference in Egypt

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

3 from plan to partnership numerous related activities
3. From Plan to Partnership - numerous related activities…
  • RCREEE study on EU mechanisms related to import of Green Electricity (draft presented 20090204)
  • EU MED EMIP study For the identification of the "Mediterranean Solar Plan“ until May 2009
  • World Bank mission to include projects in the Clean Technology Fund
  • European Climate Forum Study
  • Action plan proposal from EU REMAP project
  • Topic of many conferences ….

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

3 numerous related activities
3. …numerous related activities
  • Prefeasibility and Feasibility studies for Solar Thermal Electricity Generation and PV projects and countries
  • Studies on the Transmission requirements - Supergrid
  • CSP Projects under construction and planning
  • Project development and construction of new transmission connections

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

from plan to partnership actors stakeholders and framework conditions
From Plan to Partnership: Actors, stakeholders and framework conditions
  • The scheme can only be implemented by many actors, private sector as well as governments, on both sides of the Mediterranean
    • Utilities, which invest in generation and transmission capacity, and produce, transmit, contract and sell electricity as a business.
    • Other stakeholders include equipment manufacturers, public and private financing institutions, regulatory and development agencies, research and education facilities.
    • National governments must create an appropriate framework

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa

from plan to partnership coordination and cooperation
From Plan to Partnership: Coordination and Cooperation
  • Coordination
    • in case of Europe within the European Union,
    • in case of MENA through RCREEE and others;
    • overall coordination UfM?
  • Development cooperation support enabling conditions (capacity development, technology transfer, financing and financing schemes, project development)
  • Common Road Map needed!

AWZ GTZ RE in Africa


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AWZ GTZ RE in Africa