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Friday – September 20, 2013 Add to SLM: PowerPoint Presentation
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Friday – September 20, 2013 Add to SLM:

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Friday – September 20, 2013 Add to SLM: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friday – September 20, 2013 Add to SLM:. Concept #1 – Economic Prosperity Vocabulary: Naval Stores Subsidy Carolina Gold EQ : How did SC gain economic prosperity? (8.1.5). Take out a sheet of notebook paper and label your notes – Economic Prosperity. What is mercantilism?.

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friday september 20 2013 add to slm
Friday – September 20, 2013Add to SLM:
  • Concept #1 – Economic Prosperity
  • Vocabulary:
    • Naval Stores
    • Subsidy
    • Carolina Gold
  • EQ:How did SC gain economic prosperity? (8.1.5)

Take out a sheet of notebook paper and label your notes – Economic Prosperity


What is mercantilism?

What was the goal of mercantilism?

Theory that colonies existed to bring profit to the mother country

Establish as many colonies as possible to gain wealth and power


How did colonies contribute to the wealth and power of their mother country?

Source of raw materials (things mother country did not have: gold, silver, timber, furs) and market for manufactured goods (clothing, tools, silverware)


How did the mother country obtain gold/silver?

What did the mother country do with its gold/silver?

  • Get from colonies where discovered
  • Sell raw materials to other countries in exchange for gold/silver

Build powerful army/navy to protect its colonies and conquer its rivals.


Southern colonies…

Were mentioned earlier

as following the pattern

of Virginia.

What about

South Carolina?


Carolina’s natural resources included…

  • abundant deer
  • pine forests
  • fertile land
  • a mild climate for a
  • long growing season
  • many waterways



money was made

through trade…

Furs and deerskins from the Native Americans

European Manufactured

Trade Goods



cloth, paint,


hatchets, knives,

alcohol (rum)


Many South Carolinians

  • raised cattle and hogs
    • Abundance of land
    • Low costs
    • Animals could roam freely
  • Herding required many workers

What group do you think provided the labor?


Name three ways early South Carolinians were able to make money.

How did African Americans contribute to the early success of SC?

  • Indian trade
  • Raising cattle
  • Raising hogs

Labor force for herding cattle/hogs; already knew about herding cattle from Africa.


Soon Problems with

Natives developed…


Settlers moving into backcountry took land from natives

  • Trade abuses
  • Not providing same quality goods as those being offered
  • Breaking promises to trade certain items (guns)

Indian Enslavement

  • Lords Proprietors banned slave trade
    • Colonists ignored the laws
  • 1670 – first Indian slaves sent to West Indies and New England colonies
  • (By 1700s - Indian slave exports greater than African Slave imports)
  • Local Indians supplied slave traders in SC
    • Enemies captured in war traded along with deerskins
    • Traders encouraged warfare between enemy tribes
    • English paid best price for Indian slaves

Yamassee War disrupted the deerskin trade, cattle ranching, and farming immediately south and west of CharlesTown and deep into the backcountry.


Why did problems develop between early colonists and Native Americans?

What impact did the Yamassee War have on SC?

  • Settlers moved onto their land
  • Cheated them in trade
  • Enslaved them

Disrupted trade, cattle ranching and farming south and west of CharlesTown and into the backcountry


Because many early Carolina settlers came from Barbados, Carolinians established a thriving trade with this Caribbean island


Carolinians sold


Native American slaves


Salted beef and pork became two main exports from colony.

to the people

of Barbados


Carolina pine trees source of:

  • pitch and tar (naval stores)
    • used to make British ships watertight
  • Before SC, naval stores were purchased from Sweden (gold/silver leaving treasury)
    • England offered a subsidy to encourage production.

By 1720, SC produced more naval stores than any other colony in the empire

Extra payment or bounty (paid to encourage colonists to produce a certain product)


Name two products SC sold and who purchased them.

Why would Barbados buy cattle, hogs, and Indian slaves from SC?

½ of initial settlers were from Barbados and had relationship; didn’t have room on island to graze animals for food; needed slaves to work sugar cane

  • Cattle, hogs, Indian slaves to Barbados
  • Naval stores (pitch/tar) to England

As the economy in SC developed

It was like other southern colonies – with an economy largely based on the plantation system

most of the crops that developed were labor intensive

Virginia had begun with mainly indentured servants

By the time of the settlement of Carolinas there were few workers willing to accept a contract of indenture so…

Initially, Carolina planters tried to use Native American (“Indian”) workers but…

Labor intensive???

Two reasons this wouldn’t work…


Carolina’s geographic conditions…

In the Lowcountry conditions made it good for rice planting

Good port at Charles Town

Navigable waterways

along the coast

and into the interior

As a result of these geographic conditions and use of natural resources a flourishing trade made Carolina a profitable colony

Why would this be a good thing?


Carolina settlers from Barbados

brought their slaves with them…

These Africans had knowledge brought from their own native lands including

how to tend cattle and

how to cultivate rice

They were also

used to harvest naval stores and

used to harvest lumber

African slaves contributed to a thriving trade with Barbados and Britain


Growing agricultural economy

Determination of the settlers and work of their slaves resulted in more agriculture

Rice known as

became a staple crop and

the source of long term prosperity

“Carolina Gold”