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Announcements . HW: None/Review Worksheet Reflection Paper DUE Friday Exam Corrections DUE Monday! Exam: Tuesday . Exam Corrections. DUE Monday May 10 th All items MUST be corrected in complete sentences and MUST include source of information/answer You do NOT have to correct all….

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  • HW: None/Review Worksheet
  • Reflection Paper DUE Friday
  • Exam Corrections DUE Monday!
  • Exam: Tuesday
exam corrections
Exam Corrections
  • DUE Monday May 10th
  • All items MUST be corrected in complete sentences and MUST include source of information/answer
  • You do NOT have to correct all….
  • No late submissions will be accepted!
  • Turn all corrections into the Black tray on desk
chapter 20

Chapter 20

Vatican II and the

Church in the Modern World

the state of the church 2oth c
The State of the Church (2oth c.)
  • Secular attitudes (matrimony/ sexuality) changed how society viewed itself
bl john xxiii
Bl. John XXIII
  • Elected b/c of age
  • Elected to simply carry on the traditions of the Church
pope john xxiii
Pope John XXIII
  • Assisted Jews/refugees during WWII
  • Nuncio to France
  • Abolished rule that set number of Cardinals (70)
  • Increased number of Cardinals
pope john xxiii1
Pope John XXIII
  • Vatican office for Christian Unity
  • Reached out to Jews
  • Excommunicated Fidel Castro
  • Encouraged peaceful coexistence with communist governments
three projects for the papacy
Three Projects for the Papacy
  • A diocesan synod for Rome
  • The drafting of a new Code of Canon Law
  • An ecumenical council
ad petri c athedram
Ad Petri Cathedram
  • Discussed the unity of the Church
mater et m agistra
Mater et Magistra
  • Developed Catholic social teaching
  • Stressed the duty of developed nations to provide for underdeveloped ones
pacen in terries
Pacen in Terries
  • Appealed for world peace and effective political structures committed to the common good
vatican ii
Vatican II
  • Humanae salutis
  • 1962-1965
  • General congregations held in St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Extensively covered by religious/ secular media
vatican ii1
Vatican II
  • Most important event in the Church (?)
  • Continued by Pope Paul VI
  • Four constitutions, nine decrees, and three declarations
purpose of vatican ii
Purpose of Vatican II
  • To more fully define the nature of the Church and the role of the Bishops
  • To renew the Church
  • To restore unity among all Christians
  • To start a dialogue with the Contemporary world
four constitutions of vatican ii
Four Constitutions of Vatican II
  • Central Documents
  • Provide the theological basis and vision for other documents
lumen gentium
Lumen Gentium
  • Presents Church as a Communion
  • “Call to Holiness”
  • “Our Lady”

“The Church is a hierarchal structured community of Faith whose members posses a fundamental equality in dignity and rights while having different but complementary roles in her mission.”

dei verbum
Dei Verbum
  • Joins sacred tradition in Sacred Scripture as God’s Divinely inspired Word
  • Approved the use of contemporary scholarly methods for understanding historical contexts of Bible
sacrosanctum concilium
Sacrosanctum concilium
  • Expanded the use of vernacular languages
  • Created steps for “active participation”

Liturgy is the “summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed, at the same time it is the font from which all her power flows.”

gaudium et spes
Gaudium et spes
  • Dignity of the human person
  • Contemporary atheism
  • Nature of the common good
  • Social justice/economic life
  • Marriage/family
  • Evangelization of culture, work and private property, politics, war and peace, and the sanctity of human life
pope paul vi 1963 1978
Pope Paul VI (1963-1978)
  • From wealthy family
  • Vatican II (before being Pope)
  • Called for Synod of Bishops
  • Removed celibacy debate from Vatican II
  • Ecumenical
  • Addressed U.N.
  • Pilgrim Pope
  • Controversial policy which sought improved relations with the communist regimes of Eastern Europe
humanae vitae
Humanae Vitae
  • Pope Paul VI
  • Addressed artificial contraception
  • Met with hostility
karol j zef wojty a bl pope john paul ii
Karol JózefWojtyłaBl. Pope John Paul II
  • 1920 (Poland)
  • Theater actor
  • Ordained in 1946
  • Elected Pope 1978
  • Created World Youth Day
  • Held more meetings with people of the Church than any other Pope
  • Brought the Church into the Third Millennium
redemptor hominis
Redemptor Hominis
  • Emphasized the dignity and rights of every human being
  • “Christian Anthropology”

“The priority of ethics over technology, in the primacy of the person over things, and in the superiority of spirit over matter.”

fundamental threats to christianity
Fundamental Threats to Christianity
  • Secular humanism
  • Marxist Communism
  • Consumer society present in the United States