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Cooking with Fractions PowerPoint Presentation
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Cooking with Fractions

Cooking with Fractions

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Cooking with Fractions

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  1. Cooking with Fractions

  2. Welcome to Mrs. Yo’s crazy kitchen! While completing this webquest, you will use your math genius skills to become an expert chef and party planner! Thanks for your help…Now get to work!

  3. TASK Mrs. Rollen, Alex’s BFF, is super busy and she almost forgot that Alex’s party is right around the corner! Since she is your favorite math teacher she needs YOUR HELP!!!!!!! His party is TONIGHT, and she needs you to help decide what recipes to use. There will be 60 people at his party, so we will have to use our excellent skills with fractions to make sure we get the recipes right! For his party, we need to find a recipe for a delicious dessert!! She already know he loves monster treats. She will be making monster cupcakes. What else should she make?

  4. Process Step 1: Recipe Search You must use: You may choose and other creepy dessert:

  5. Process Step 2: Measurement Conversion Convert your monster cupcakes to double what it normally serves. Convert your monster cupcakes accordingly: Triple one side dish Quadruple one side dish Cut one side dish in half Convert your choice dessert so it serves 5 dozen!!! Make sure you have all your computations done neatly on a separate sheet of paper. Type up your new recipes in a Word document(or in a k-mail) and k-mail them to me!!

  6. Conclusion Now that you have saved the day and are an expert party planner, take a few minutes to reflect on the assignment. What did you like most about the assignment? What did you like the least?

  7. What to do Next? • For additional review, try problems on pages 166-167. • Make sure that you have completed 6.1 Math Pathway • Make sure that you have completed 6.2 Math Pathway. • Don’t forget to take your Unit 5 Lesson 2 Lesson Assessment.