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Toto. Author: Marietta D. Moskin Illustrator: Rocco Negri. Word Knowledge. 1: protect protected unprotected 2: patch watched hutch 3: envious furious mysterious 4: The endangered wildlife is unprotected here.

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  1. Toto Author: Marietta D. Moskin Illustrator: Rocco Negri

  2. Word Knowledge 1: protect protected unprotected 2: patch watched hutch 3: envious furious mysterious 4: The endangered wildlife is unprotected here. 5: Suku watched the lion inch closer. 6. Toto was a curious little elephant.

  3. These words all have a common root word or base word. • protect • protected • unprotected The root word protect means to keep someone or something from being harmed or hurt. If we add the suffix –ed, -ed tells us this happened in the past, what does protected mean? If we add the prefix un-, un- means not, what does unprotected mean?

  4. The /ch/ sound is spelled tch preceded by a short vowel • patch • watched • hutch What other words have the /ch/ sound spelled tch?

  5. These words have the suffix –ous, which means full of and is pronounced /u//s/. • envious • furious • mysterious The suffix –ous turns root words into adjectives.

  6. These words contain the long a sound spelled a_e, ai_, and _ay. • midday • claim • sailed • brave • plains

  7. Which word in the sentence has a prefix and a suffix? The endangered wildlife is unprotected here. unprotected

  8. Which word in the sentence has the /ch/ sound spelled tch? Suku watched the lion inch closer. watched

  9. He was following a mysterious path. Which word in the sentence has the –ous suffix? mysterious

  10. People sailed in tall ships in the olden days. The word sailed contains the long a sound spelled ai_. What other word in the sentence has the long a sound? days

  11. What do these words have in common? • nowhere doorknobs stairway waterfall • blackbird cattail outside riverbank • The words are compound words. What two words make up each compound word? • no + where • door + knobs • stair + way • water + fall • black + bird • cat +tail • out + side • river + bank • Does each word separately help us understand the meaning of the compound word?

  12. What do these words have in common? • know no I eye sun son • These words are homophones. • Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and usually different spellings. • Give examples of other homophones you know. • Let’s read each pair of homophones and give the meaning of the words. • Now, lets put the words in sentences.

  13. Verbs “Regular or Irregular” • A verb shows an action. • A verb tells what someone or something is, was, or will be. Verb Rap

  14. Verbs “Regular: Past, Present, Future” Regular: Past PresentFuture played plays will play directed directs shall direct learned learns will learn danced dances shall dance

  15. Verbs “Irregular: Past, Present, Future” Irregular: Past PresentFuture ate eat shall eat was is will be were are will be did does shall do

  16. R/W Workbook p. 21 – 22“Verbs” • Brainpop – “Verbs and their objects” • Verb Rap (Itunes) • Verb Activities (Parts of Speech Folder) • Notebook Files, Songs, etc. • Schoolhouse Rock Activities

  17. Objective: • Today we will learn new words so that we can better understand what we read.

  18. How can we figure out the meaning of a word? • apposition – the definition of a word is found between two commas. • prefix • base word (Show word structure posters) • suffix • context clues – help you figure out the meaning of a word, by using the other words in the sentence as clues. The porcelain doll my late great grandmother gave me is priceless.

  19. timid mock snare enviously cunning haughty menacing mustering

  20. timid “Use context clues” Deep in Africa lived a timid, young boy named Suku. • The new girl in school was too timid to speak in class. timid- shy; feeling or showing a lack of courage (page 32)

  21. timid • Definition: shy, feeling or showing a lack of courage • Synonym: shy, fearful • Antonym: courageous, brave, daring, haughty • Part of Speech: adjective

  22. enviously “Use context clues” • Toto watched enviously as the birds sailed off into the sky. • Sam stared enviously at • Tom on his three wheeler. enviously- with jealousy (page 36)

  23. enviously • Definition: with jealousy • Base: envy • Suffixes: -ious + -ly • Synonym: jealously, resentfully • Antonym: kindly, generously • Part of Speech: adverb

  24. mock “Use context clues” • The young males of the heard fought mock battles with each other. I wore a mock diamond ring because I couldn’t afford a real one. mock- pretend; fake (page 36)

  25. mock • Definition: pretend, fake • Synonym: fake, artificial • Antonym: genuine, real • Part of Speech: adjective

  26. snare “Use context clues” The rope of a poacher’s trap had been pulled so tight that the snare had bitten deeply into the flesh. The spider’s web is an effective snare. snare- a trap (page 39)

  27. snare • Definition: a trap • Synonym: trap, lure, bait • Antonym: free • Part of Speech: noun

  28. cunning “Use context clues” Suku was angry at the poachers who had set their cunning trap so close to the game reserve. The cunning mouse stole the cheese out of the trap without getting caught. cunning - tricky (page 40)

  29. cunning • Definition: to be tricky • Suffix: -ing • Synonym: tricky, devious, sly • Antonym: naïve, gullible, shy • Part of Speech: adjective

  30. haughty “Use context clues” • The lion looked haughty, strong, and very big. The young boy looked haughty as he flexed his muscles. haughty- full of pride (page 43)

  31. haughty • Definition: full of pride • Synonym: proud, snobbish, arrogant • Antonym: humble, shy, timid • Part of Speech: adjective

  32. menacing “Use context clues” • The lion looked at the menacing group of elephants . The man wore a menacing look on his face as he walked into the room. menacing- threatening (page 44)

  33. menacing • Definition: threatening • Base + Suffix: menace + -ing • Synonym: threatening, intimidating • Antonym: unthreatening, helpful • Part of Speech: adjective

  34. mustering “Use context clues” Mustering what dignity he could, the lion stalked slowly away. Mustering a deep breathe, the girl tried to inflate the pink balloon. mustering- gathering (page 44)

  35. mustering • Definition: gathering (gathering strength…) • Base + Suffix: muster + ing • Synonym: gathering • Antonym: leaving • Part of Speech: verb

  36. Vocabulary Review timid- shy; feeling or showing a lack of courage enviously- with jealousy mock- pretend; fake snare- a trap cunning – tricky haughty – full of pride menacing - threatening mustering - gathering

  37. Vocabulary Quiz _____shy; feeling or showing a lack of courage _____ with jealousy _____ pretend; fake _____ a trap _____ tricky --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cunning snare mock enviously timid

  38. Toto is a fiction story. The genre realistic fiction. Characters do things that real people and real animals might do. The setting (place and time) in a story are real or seem real. The story is made up, but it tells about things that could really happen! Copy in Footprint Notebook Genre Handout

  39. Toto • Genre- Realistic Fiction • Point of View- Third Person • Author’s Purpose- Entertain Concern for others can help us overcome own fears and take risks. There is a boy named Suku, who is called a coward because he is afraid to walk through the bush with only a spear for his protection. Instead, Suku stays in the village where it is safe. Toto, the elephant, on the other hand, has no fear at all. He strays far from the safety of the animal reserve and falls into a trap set by poachers. Who will take the risk and have the courage to help Toto?

  40. Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania)

  41. Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania) • A game reserve is an area of land set aside for maintenance of wildlife for tourism and/or hunting purposes. Many game reserves are located in Africa. Most are open to the public, and tourists commonly take sightseeing safaris or hunt wild game. • A game reserve is more than just a piece of land or a place to keep wildlife; it is a place where ecosystems are protected and conservation is a key. Poacher – someone who illegally hunts animals or plants, usually while trespassing.

  42. Clues, Problems, Wonderings Let’s browse the realistic fiction story Toto and look for clues about the story, problems you may have while reading the story, and wonderings you have about the story. This is a fiction story, so we only want to browse the first few pages so as not to give away the ending. We want to write our findings in note form.

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