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Marketing Research. Aaker, Kumar, Day Seventh Edition Instructor’s Presentation Slides. Chapter Six. Standardized Sources of Marketing Data. Growth of Standardized Sources. Factors Multitude of information users having common information needs

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Marketing research

Marketing Research

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Seventh Edition

Instructor’s Presentation Slides

Chapter six

Chapter Six

Standardized Sources of Marketing Data

Growth of standardized sources
Growth of Standardized Sources


  • Multitude of information users having common information needs

  • When cost of satisfying individual user's need is prohibitive

  • The increasing use of scanner systems at the check out points

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Audits and surveys national market audit
Audits and Surveys: National Market Audit

  • Bi-monthly audit focused on products irrespective of the outlet carrying the product

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Retail store audits
Retail Store Audits

  • Every two months a team of auditors from a research firm visits a sample of stores to count the inventory on hand and record deliveries to the store since the last visit

    Beginning inventory + deliveries – ending inventory = sales

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Nielsen retail index
Nielsen Retail Index

  • Biggest research company in the world

  • Their auditing services cover four groups

    • Grocery products

    • Drugs

    • Mass merchandisers

    • Alcoholic beverages

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Consumer purchase panels
Consumer Purchase Panels

To Cover the Gap Between Warehouse Withdrawal Audits and Actual Purchases Following Methods Can Be Used

Home Audit Approach

  • Panel member agrees to permit an auditor to check the household stocks of certain product categories at regular intervals

    Mail Diary Method

  • Panel member records the details of each purchase and returns the diary by mail at regular intervals

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Advantages of consumer panels
Advantages of Consumer Panels

Can Provide Information On:

  • Aggregate Sales Activity

  • Brand Shares

  • Shifts in Buyer Characteristics

  • Shifts in Retail Outlets

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Limitations of consumer panels
Limitations of Consumer Panels

  • Possibility of Selection Bias

  • Mortality Effect

  • Testing Effects

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Scanner services
Scanner Services

  • Scanner-Based Audit Services

    • Benefits:

      • High degree of accuracy

      • Time saving

      • Ability to study very short time periods of sales activity

Aaker, Kumar, Day


  • A new technology that may replace the bar codes. Utilizing a tiny silicon chip to store information; a small transmitter would then send this information to a scanner. RFID offers more benefits than a UPC, such as:

    • The ability to store more information

    • The ability to change the information on the tag

    • The ability to transmit all the information on the chip to a scanner without clear line of sight

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Single source systems
Single-source Systems

  • Usually set up in self-contained communities with their own newspapers and cable TV and are roughly representative of the demographics of the country

  • A test panel of community households is recruited and monitored

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Advantages of single source systems
Advantages of Single Source Systems

  • Availability of exclusive pre-test records

  • Immediate availability of test results

  • Ability to compare households prior to and after exposure to the message

  • Ability to control settings

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Expert systems based on single source services
Expert Systems Based on Single-source Services

  • Since users of scanner data are flooded with massive amounts of data, expert systems are used to help the users understand the data quickly

    Examples of Expert Systems Are:

    • Apollo Space Management Software

    • Cover Story

    • Sales Partner

    • Promotion Stimulator

    • Spotlight

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Media related standardized sources
Media Related Standardized Sources

Nielsen Television Index (NTI)

  • A system for estimating national T.V. audiences

    Arbitron Diary Panel

  • Both regional and national radio and TV panels

    Starch Scores

  • Print media

    Multi Media Services

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Measurement systems
Measurement Systems



Aaker, Kumar, Day

Marketing decision support systems
Marketing Decision Support Systems

A typical marketing manager receives some or all of following data:

  • Factory shipments or order

  • Syndicated aggregate (industry) data services

  • Sales reports from sales personnel

  • Consumer panel data

  • Scanner data

  • Demographic data

  • Internal cost and budget data

    Purpose of MDSS is to combine marketing data from diverse sources into single database

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Applications of standardized sources of data
Applications of Standardized Sources of Data

Measuring Promotion Effectiveness

Measuring Ad Exposure and Effectiveness

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Applications of standardized sources of data cont
Applications of Standardized Sources of Data (Cont.)

Measuring Product Sales and Market Share

Estimation and Evaluation of Models

Aaker, Kumar, Day

Applications of standardized sources of data contd
Applications of Standardized Sources of Data (Contd.)

  • Measuring product sales and market share

  • Measuring advertisement exposure and effectiveness

  • Measuring promotion effectiveness

  • Estimation And evaluation of models

Aaker, Kumar, Day