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by kaleb points and james tarantino n.
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  1. BY Kaleb Points and James Tarantino JOHN BANKHEAD MAGRUDER

  2. John magruder Born may 1,1807 Died April 30th ,1958 Home town: velleboro Carolina prince john.

  3. Early life Marauder's home state of Virginia is were he went to west point. there he met general Robert lee and future president Jefferson Davis. Marauder died on April 30th ,1958.he was later berried in the Austin military cemetery.

  4. Battle of Galveston John marauder helped general lee regain Galveston. Were they converted steamships into gun boats. They had successfully won the battle of Galveston.

  5. Brigade general

  6. Confederate flag

  7. What the color red means RED, while the meaning of the color red in the confederate flags remained the same, the size and usage of the color changed through its transformations. Red represented the valor of the confederacy. As in the case of the original united states flag, it represented the hardiness and the willingness to sacrifice. Red was used as the background of the most popular flag, the battle flag.

  8. What the color white means In the language of flags ,white represents purity. innocence of ideas is what is attempted to be by using white. Some christens attribute to the usage of white to use in a flag for representing alliance.

  9. What the color blue means The blue of the confederate flag is dark navy blue. The blue is known as’ ‘Bonnie blue’ ’. the blue of the flag was later known as the justice and the determination of the confederacy.

  10. What the stars and the cross means. the stars represents the states that seceded from the union. The first seven are Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. After the battle of fort Sumter were added Virginia, Arkansas, north Carolina, tense, Missourian Kentucky.

  11. States of the confederacy

  12. By kaleb and James tarantino