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TRADE TIGER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TRADE TIGER. Trade Tiger : Overview. Trade Tiger was primarily designed for online self clients. The product now has been modified an expanded to become a full fledged trading terminal. Key features available in other trading terminals (Odin, Neat etc) have also been incorporated.

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    2. Trade Tiger : Overview • Trade Tiger was primarily designed for online self clients • The product now has been modified an expanded to become a full fledged trading terminal • Key features available in other trading terminals (Odin, Neat etc) have also been incorporated • Max Trade introduced in Trade Tiger • New outlets are provided Trade Tiger as main trading terminal

    3. Features comparison between ODIN & TT ODIN Features Decentralize Centralize Trade Tiger Limit against pool/margin stocks Yes Yes Yes Limit for selling pool/margin stocks No Yes Yes Allowing to sell DP stocks No Yes Yes Limits for Selling DP stocks No No Yes DP to Margin facility No No Yes NCL facility at Branch end No No Yes Intra day product (Max Trading) No No Yes Auto Limits for collections made (to be launched) No No Yes

    4. Trade Tiger – Earlier Limitations Client code (S2KID) not recognized Mandatory upfront customer selection Vertical Order entry screen which blocks market watch

    5. Trade Tiger – Earlier Limitations Contd.. Reports (order status, confirmation, net position etc) available at Client level and not at Terminal level

    6. New Trade Tiger - Advanced features introduced • Admin Level Limit Statement , DP/SR report • Order Placement made user friendly • Bulk Order placement facility for faster execution • Terminal level reports (Order, Trade, Position) • BSE Code change facility • Intraday leverage Product – ‘MAX TRADING’ New shortcut Keys for Terminal Reports F8 – Executed Orders F3 - Pending Orders F6 – Market Depth Alt F6 – Net Position F9 – DP/Margin/Pool Stock holding F10 – Limit Statement

    7. User Settings window – To activate new features For Odin/Neat type order entry For retaining previous clt as default For trades done using PB/Admin ID Option for Client selection

    8. Advanced order placement window Upfront client selection window removed Order entry window made horizontal like ODIN/Bolt/Neat Client Code (S2KID) now made recognized

    9. MAX TRADE Select Max-Trade in order window

    10. Bulk/Batch Order Module Select Bulk Order in Tools Menu

    11. Bulk/Batch Order Module Contd.. Bulk order window c) Push the orders For direct excel upload facility a) Customer Selection b) Place order & add to the list

    12. Admin Limit Statement Filter for viewing clients having Limits, NCL,DP to Margin etc Horizontal Limit statement screen to view all clients limits

    13. Admin DP/SR Statement Client level filter to view his entire holdings Scrip level filter to view list of clients holding it Selection of either client or scrip is must to view DP/SR report

    14. Admin Reports at Terminal Level Check Order Status,Position Report for all or specific Clients Exchanges selection Report for all or specific Stocks

    15. BSE Trade – Code Modification Right Click & select Trade details for Trade to be modified Press F8- For Fully executed Trade Reports

    16. BSE Trade – Code Modification contd Select here to modify the trade

    17. BSE Trade – Code Modification Enter Correct Code and Press submit

    18. User Settings window – For Old version of TT Uncheck here to get Old Version of TT All the features of new version would automatically get disabled on selection of old version

    19. Connectivity - Optimum Performance Connectivity VSAT INTERNET Speed (kbps) - dedicated 2 4 128 256 512 1 MBPS Trading Terminals 3 6 1 2 4 8 Need dedicated connection for Trading & Non Trading Application Trading : Trade Tiger Non- Trading : Software for Back office, DP,Risk,Chat,Mails Minimum connectivity requirement for trading terminal is as below: