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AI in the News

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AI in the News
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AI in the News

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  1. AI in the News Lecture 14/9/2006

  2. Speecys Corp has billed the ITR (Internet Renaissance) Robot as “The fifth media” that follows radio, television, PC, and cellular phone.

  3. MI RAI – RT RobotSpeecys Corp.

  4. MI RAI – “Future” • Speecys is new venture firm. • Founder: Tomoaki Kasuga • Creator of the Sony Aibo • MI RAI goes on sale over the internet on September 30. • 30 cm high • 1.5 Kg • Power source: Lithium polymer electric battery (7.4V 780mA) or AC adapter • Cost: $2500 (18.230 SEK)

  5. MI RAI – “Future” • Dances and sings to programs downloaded from Speecys' Web site Robotamia. • Reads out the news, the weather forecast and horoscopes. • Other content that can be downloaded from the same site includes English conversation lessons. • When left alone for a certain period of time, starts talking to itself. • Sometimes evens sings to itself.

  6. MI RAI – “Future” • Owners can get their robots to say things and at the same time gesticulate using PC or mobile phone. • Can be expertly controlled with a PC or a mobile phone by people who have no special knowledge of robots. • View video demos at: •

  7. MI RAI • MI RAI is fully articulated and connected via wireless LAN to the internet. • The robots maintain contact with each other through a new website called Robotamia. • The site will also serve as a central point for the community of owners of MI RAI's. • The robots will be able download to read the news, sing and dance and tell fortunes. • They can also get English lessons, quizzes and games from Robotamia.

  8. MI RAI at Home (Scene II) Speecys say they are pioneering the concept of 3D message communications by allowing the sender of messages to control the movement of the robot as it speaks. The movement instructions will be sent in the message with RTML Robot Transaction Markup Language.

  9. MI RAI at Home (Scene I)

  10. MI RAI at Home (Scene III)

  11. CityMobil – EU Project “The CityMobil project will validate and demonstrate the capabilities of new mobility solutions in different European cities. In 5 horizontal sub-projects the issues that still prevent full scale implementation of innovative automated transport systems will be investigated and solutions will be developed.”

  12. CityMobil – Hopeful? Total Recall

  13. CityMobil – Realistic? Heathrow Airport?

  14. CityMobil • How do you get rid of all the cars in cities? • Get rid of the drivers, of course! • Public mass transportation can help some, but it only goes so far in reducing the problem. • Many people still have the need to keep a personal vehicle.

  15. CityMobil • CityMobil is a €40 million project. • Involves 28 partners in 10 countries. • They will construct and operate three operating robot transportation systems. • London's Heathrow airport • The new exhibition centre in Rome • The town of Castellón in eastern Spain.

  16. CityMobil • The systems will operate on-demand like taxis but will not have drivers. • The idea is that this type of public transportation will be a middle ground between the restrictions of mass transit and the excesses of individual cars. • They are designed to operate within existing roads and infrastructue.

  17. CityMobil • The pupose will be to find the obstacles to full-scale implementation of driverless systems. • The idea of robot taxis is not brand new for Europe. Project is outgrowth of: • Cybernetic Transportation Systems for the Cities of Tomorrow (CyberMove) • • CYBERnetic CARS for a new transportation system in the cities (CyberCars) •

  18. CityMobil – “Events”

  19. The Event Main themeTNO is organising a symposium on cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems on 29 November 2006 (the Netherlands, Eindhoven), during which the various stakeholders will be giving their views on the development of cooperative systems at a plenary session. Workshops will then explore these views in more depth.This symposium also gives TNO the opportunity to demonstrate its toolkit that is able to test cooperative systems at various stages of their development. In addition, there will be (real world) demonstrations of cooperative systems and presentations of a variety of projects that focus on the development, evaluation and implementation of such systems. Attached to this mail you will find our announcement. If you are interested in participating in this symposium, please use the voting buttons or reply to: you have any questions please contact Johanne Steenbergen (T +31 15 269 68 78)TNO, Traffic and Transport

  20. Homework!! • Learn how Research funding is organized at the EU Level.Seventh Framework ProgrammeFP7, the EU's chief instrument for funding scientific research and technological development over the period 2007 to 2013, is one of the most important elements in realising the Lisbon agenda for growth and competitiveness.