Two special economic zones
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Two Special Economic Zones. *Macau* (settled by Portuguese in 1557 AD; given to China in 1999). *Hong Kong* (British colony from 1841-1997). Pearl River Delta is one of the wealthiest economic regions in the world. Hong Kong. Hong Kong. Korean Peninsula Northeast China, West of Japan.

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Two special economic zones
Two Special Economic Zones


(settled by Portuguese in 1557 AD; given to China in 1999)

*Hong Kong*

(British colony from


Hong kong
Hong Kong in the world

Hong kong1
Hong Kong in the world

Korean peninsula northeast china west of japan
Korean Peninsula in the worldNortheast China, West of Japan

The korean peninsula
The Korean Peninsula in the world

Very steep mountains

3,579 islands

4,000 miles of coastline

Good farmland

Roughly the size of Utah

South Korea experiences mild, humid climate from the ocean currents.

North Korea’s climate is harsher with cold air coming in from the mainland China, plus the terrain is more mountainous.

Japan in North and South Korea

Japan in North and South Korea

East of the Korean Peninsula across the Sea of Japan

4 major islands (6, 852 total)

Roughly the size of Montana in total land area

70% mountains, 30% plains

Sea Farming is the major agricultural industry

(includes fishing, whaling, harvesting seaweed and pearls)

65% of land is forested

128 million residents

densely populated in the cities due to the lack of available land

Japan lies on major tectonic plate boundaries with much volcanic and earthquake activity
Japan lies on major tectonic plate boundaries, with much volcanic and earthquake activity

Satellite image of Hokkaido island

Mount Fuji