HONORS: Opportunities for Excellence in the CSU
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HONORS: Opportunities for Excellence in the CSU Dr. Michelle Hawley Director, Honors College CSU Los Angeles. A life-changing academic experience. What makes Honors special? Common Characteristics of Honors Programs. Best Value and Best Choice for Your Best Students.

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A life changing academic experience

HONORS: Opportunities for Excellence in the CSUDr. Michelle HawleyDirector, Honors College CSU Los Angeles

What makes honors special common characteristics of honors programs

What makesHonors special?Common Characteristics of Honors Programs

Best value and best choice for your best students
Best Value and Best Choice for Your Best Students

  • CSU emphasis on Access andExcellence!

  • Combines the benefits of a challenging and nurturing liberal arts college experience with the advantages of a comprehensive public University

  • CSU high-quality education far less costly than the average national public university.

  • Pathways to graduate and professional school

Emphasis on academics
Emphasis on Academics

  • Exceptional faculty committed to teaching

  • Courses that foster intellectual curiosity

  • Emphasis on critical thinking and undergraduate research

  • Emphasis on Interdisciplinarity

Honors students attend national conferences!

Honors students
Honors Students

High-achieving students from all majors who:

  • Reach out for what they need to be competitive

  • Participate in a community of scholars

  • Thrive when they are around supportive, motivated students committed to their education

Honors students participate in summer internships.

Pathway to graduate professional school and careers
Pathway to graduate, professional school and careers

  • Serious attention to preparation for graduate or professional school

  • Close connections with other programs geared towards scholarship, undergraduate research, and pre-professional

  • Assistance with grad school applications

  • Network of honors alumni in business, law, medicine, and academia

Student life a social group within an academic community
Student Life: A social group within an academic community

“You meet people with the same drive, expectations, and goals as you. “

- MoisesOlavarietta

Honors courses
Honors Courses…

  • Expect greater student participation

  • Emphasize discussion and critical thinking

  • Small class sizes

  • Involve more speaking and writing

Honors spaces

Learning and Living Communities

Honors Spaces

Honors Housing

A Space To Study

Other benefits of honors may include
Other Benefits of Honors may include . . .

  • Special performances, speaking events, and cultural excursions

  • Priority Registration

  • Specialized advisement

  • Recognition at Graduation


Smittcamp Family Honors College Medallion

Does honors require
Does Honors require...

  • Extra time?NO! Honors students should graduate in 4-5 years, provided they are full-time students and do not change majors multiple times.

  • Extra Coursework?NO! Honors does NOT require additional courses. Many Honors courses Honors meet General Education or major requirements.

  • Extra Effort?YES! Honors Programs may require all students to participate in undergraduate research, community engagement, study abroad, or write senior theses

Bakersfield university honors program
Bakersfield – University Honors Program

  • 4-year GE Program w/ 8 special seminars

  • Entrance Requirements: 3.8 GPA or 1175 SAT (critical reading and math)

  • Honors Lounge

  • Recently received $1m grant

  • Community service and special events


Chico state honors program
Chico State – Honors Program

  • Honors in Gen Ed and Honors in Major

  • 450 students involved in 4-year Gen Ed program

  • Entrance Requirement: 3.5 HS GPA, 1200 SAT, or 27 ACT


Fresno smittcamp honors college
Fresno: Smittcamp Honors College

  • Freshman class of 50

  • President’s Scholarships: 200 total Presiden’t Scholars - Full Tuition plus double occupancy dorm room

  • Requirements: 3.8 HS GPA, 1800 SAT, or top 10% of class

  • Community Service and Senior Honors Project Required

  • Beautiful multi-room honors office w kitchen and lounge

  • Strong record Graduate School placements: UCLA, UC Berkley, Harvard, Yale, Chicago, Stanford, etc..


Cal poly slo university honors program
Cal Poly SLOUniversity Honors Program

  • 4-5 year program; 530 students

  • Entrance requirements: 1250 SAT or 27 ACT; HS GPA 3.75; or two AP scores of at least 4

  • Honors housing, honors common area

  • End of year event hosted by President for graduating students


Csu east bay honors program
CSU East Bay-Honors Program

  • 4 year contract program

  • 120 students

  • Entrance requirements: 3.5 GS GAP and continuing university GPA 3.6

  • Community service project


Fullerton honors program
Fullerton: Honors Program

  • 4-year honors program based in general education

  • 500-600 students total

  • Entrance requirements include 3.5 GPA plus a brief essay and two letters of recommendation

  • Honors Center


Humanities honors program
Humanities Honors Program

  • Founded in 1954 as a multidisciplinary team-taught program.

  • Completes ten General Education requirements by accomplishing 24 units of coursework over four semesters.

  • Currently serving approximately 320 lower division students in majors across all colleges.

  • Most successful lower division program for retention and graduation at SJSU.

Los angeles honors college
Los Angeles: Honors College

  • 4-year Honors College – Freshman and Junior Entry; also Early Entrance Program EEP for students 11-15

  • Year-long cohorted Honors core sequences focused on civic engagement and global citizenship; year-long senior project

  • Scholarships: Honors College, President’s Scholars, Edison International Scholars, and more.

  • Serves approximately 250 students lower division students in majors across all colleges.

  • Edison International Honors Center, Honors Advisor, Office for National and International Scholarships, Academic Honors Association, Seminar room


Long beach univ honors program
Long Beach – Univ. Honors Program

  • 4-year 24 unit program for freshmen; 15 units for Juniors.

  • Fosters intellectual and civic values

  • UHP Thesis Opportunity: Culminating project spanning two semesters.

  • Requirements: 3.5 HSGPA + 1600 composite SAT

  • UHP Student Association –


Northridge honors program
Northridge: Honors Program

  • Four-year Gen Ed program. Approx 600+ students

  • Requirements: 3.5 HS GPA

  • 7-9 Gen Ed Honors courses each semester (lower and upper-division)

  • Living Learning Community in Dorms


Cal poly pomona kellogg honors college
Cal Poly Pomona:Kellogg Honors College:

  • Became College in 2006

  • Requirements: 3.5+ HS GPA and 620 verbal and math SAT, two essays, letters or recommendation

  • Freshman are required to take 7 honors courses, sophomores 5 and transfers 4

  • Senior thesis/ Capstone

  • Civic engagement projects as well as social and cultural events


Sacramento honors program
Sacramento: Honors Program:

  • Open to freshmen only – cohort of 75

  • Covers 45 of 51 GE requirements. Three-semester lower-division great books and ideas; three semester upper-division seminar

  • Requirements: 3.5 gpa; SAT 1800

  • Career networking

  • Dedicated Scholarships


San bernardino honors program
San Bernardino: Honors Program:

  • Four year program, 38 units for students who begin their freshman year; including senior project

  • Requirements: 3.5 gpa; SAT 1100 (Math and Critical Reading); statement of purpose, letters of recommendation

  • Honors Lounge and Computer Center


San diego university honors program
San Diego: University Honors Program

  • 4-year program including approx 550 students

  • Requirements: 3.7 GPA or 1200 SAT

  • 19 units, senior thesis, portfolio, capstone

  • Study abroad requirement

  • Honors minor in Interdisciplinary studies

  • Scholarships to study abroad and for research, scholarly and creative activities


San jose humanities honors program
San Jose: Humanities Honors Program

  • 2-year general education program for students of all majors; approx 300 students

  • Requirements: 3.0 GPA + SAT critical reading 550

  • Study abroad requirement

  • Honors minor in Interdisciplinary studies

  • Scholarships to study abroad and for research, scholarly and creative activities


Stanislaus honors program
Stanislaus: Honors Program

  • Four year, 40 unit program. Approx. 100 students

  • Requirements: 3850 eligibility index, including 550 SAT critical reading

  • Includes service-learning project

  • Faculty mentors, senior capstone thesis, annual honors conference

  • Emphasis on interdisciplinary research

  • Yosemite trips


Final thought
Final thought…

“It is a lot of work, but also a wonderful learning experience since you get to learn with the best students and best faculty.”

Michael Hsu,

Academic Honors Association, President 2011-2012