customer service in the finance industry n.
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Feedback app | Consumer Mobile Apps | Soft Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
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Feedback app | Consumer Mobile Apps | Soft Intelligence

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Feedback app | Consumer Mobile Apps | Soft Intelligence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Staff Feedback will show you what customer think about you our company & Employee. For more details

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customer service in the finance industry

Customer Service in the

Finance Industry

Banking and financial institutions have

historically been focused on providing a great

service for their users, and this is no less true in

the digital age. Cash machines and later,

websites and apps, provides a level of control

and access for the account holder that wasn’t

possible in the age of cheques. Checking, saving,

money market, credit cards, mortgages,

investments, 401Ks, term loans, all at the press

of a button. While financial business typically

lead the charge in new service tech, they’re

lagging behind on that vital aspect of any

service business: customer service.

Financial institutions are facing a much higher

level of public scrutiny and distrust than before

the 2008 Recession, and it can be difficult in turn

for banks to approach customers for feedback, as

many feel that banks are in it for their own gain.

Changing that perception is going to be difficult,

but developing a level of trust is needed for your

customers to give you honest answers to your


for starters focusing on digital avenues

For starters, focusing on digital avenues to

interact with your customers is becoming

necessary: nearly nobody walks into a bank

these days to check their balance, as they can do

it at home or on their phone. Having an easily-

accessible customer service team ready to help

people using their website/app is a priority,

especially as older customers are getting used to

new technology.

Newer generations, in particular, will want to use

digital options over the traditional brick-and-

mortar approach. Keeping your site up to date

and simple is going to be a great incentive for

millennials to choose you over your competitors.

At Soft Intelligence, we’re passionate about

gathering customer feedback and ‘soft

intelligence’ from your clients and customers,

transforming it into straightforward and

accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback

processing into a breeze. Take a look at our

consumer mobile apps and see if your company

would benefit from them

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