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408 Willtown 402-3 SangDong WonMi -Ku, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi -Do, korea PowerPoint Presentation
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408 Willtown 402-3 SangDong WonMi -Ku, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi -Do, korea

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408 Willtown 402-3 SangDong WonMi -Ku, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi -Do, korea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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408 Willtown 402-3 SangDong WonMi -Ku, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi -Do, korea Tel : 82-32-611-8011 Fax : 82-32-611-8012 E-mail: . Table of Contents. Market Status Features Effects Validations Check Micro-bubbles. Market Status.

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408 Willtown 402-3 SangDongWonMi-Ku, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-Do, korea

Tel : 82-32-611-8011 Fax : 82-32-611-8012


table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Market Status
  • Features
  • Effects
  • Validations
  • Check Micro-bubbles
market status
Market Status

■Background of development of Micro-bubbles

- The people of the modern world suffers from disasters and diseases due to environmental impacts that are accompanied by modernization.

- Emergence of super bacteria (such as MRSA) due to overuse of antibiotics

- The micro-bubble technology was developed in Japan in 1995 for the first time in the world.

- Various effects such as skin cell regeneration, blood circulation and sterilization of

- Micro-bubbles were introduced on mass media (NHK etc) in 1998., and micro-bubble products for home were launched 5 years ago.

■Market Status for Micro-bubbles

- There are 32 competitors in Japan. (20,000 units are sold in a year)

- Rapid growth by over 300% each year (The market size in 10 years is estimated to reach

5 trillion Yen)

- Retail price range: 2 million won 7 million won

- Products normally come with replaceable showerheads which cost \93,000~\ 400,000


TPE suitable for drinking water is used inside the PB coated shower hose to enhance hygiene.

No need to replace the existing shower head as micro-bubbles are generated inside the shower hose.


* 기존 샤워호스는 외경 14.5mm x길이 1.5m가 표준입니다.


Micro Bubble

■ Micro-bubbles generating heat of 5,500°C

■ Micro-bubbles of 50 micron repeat the chain reaction of compression and burst in a short period of time.

■ Self-pressurizing effects with the momentary burst temperature of 5,500°C

■ Ultra sonic wave at speed of 400km/h with micro-bubble burst

■ Formation of free radicals (such as OH) with micro-bubble burst

(Free radicals decompose harmful chemicals and bacteria contained in water)

■ Anion generation: Micro-bubbles generate anions 10 times more than those generated by water fall


■ Evaluation of skin cleansing characteristics using micro-bubbles (8.2008)

Dankook University

- Findings: High cleansing and removal of pollutants

In particular, highly effective in removal of powder and water-soluble colorings

■Quality change in cleansing of strawberries using micro-bubbles (4. 2009)

Korea Food Research Institute - Quality of strawberries was evaluated after cleansing with

micro-bubbles and stored for 3 days, and the result was that cleansing with micro-bubble

was more effective than ordinary cleansing.

■ Evaluation of micro-bubble effects for atopic skin diseases.

Tested by: Dermapro Co Ltd

Result: Itchiness, chapped or cracked skin, dryness and coarseness improved.

■ Evaluation of Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) Reduced at all points

■ Study on physiological effects of micro-bubbles

Dr. Chang of Bio Spa Faculty, CHA University, Graduate School of Public Health & Social


Test Result: Improvement in each and every testee (by 69%)

Acne : Oil value reduced by 64.9%, texture rated improved by 42.2

Atopic disease : Evaporation reduced by 34.8% (improved atopic skin)

Eczema : Oil value reduced by 44% (improved with sebum reduction)


■ Anions are bountiful in the woods, near waterfalls, green pasture,

around water fountains and seaside. Anions offer relaxation effects.

■ Cell oxidation and excessive generation of fatal active oxygen is inhibited.

(A reducing process helps to promote and maintain health.)

■ Purifying blood, and keeping blood alkalescence

(Promoting metabolism, cell functions and fatigue recovery)

■ Improving functions of autonomic nerves, endocrine gland and hematogenous functions

for central and peripheral nerves.

(The body's natural defense is enhanced through increased resistance.)

■ Improving internal organs and tissues through good effects on body fluid, cells and

nerve systems.

■ Micro-bubbles are less than 50 µm in general, and introduced by Japan for the first time.

■ Micro-bubbles burst inside water unlike ordinary bubbles, and generate high speed

and high temperate momentarily whey they burst which in turn offer beneficial effects

to the human body.

■ The momentary speed and heat generated from micro-bubbles help to remove fine impurities (such as surfactant) without irritating the sensitive or baby skins and keep the scalp clean.

■ Micro-bubbles are effective in removing residual pesticide on fruits and vegetables.

(Balancing the autonomic nerve system and the endocrine functions).

■ Anti-oxidation, deodorization and sterilization effects

■ Anion in air is like vitamin in food


Certificate of Patent on the Korean Intellectual property Office

Anion Test Certificate

The new technology on micro-bubble generation.

Non-motor-driven micro-bubbler.

check micro bubbles1
Check Micro-Bubbles

Video of Micro-bubbling in cold water

Video of Micro-bubbling in warm water

PET-bottle Demonstration Video1

PET-bottle Demonstration Video2