364mc teaching as a career
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364MC Teaching As A Career. By John Watson. Teaching. Employment Opportunities Training Working Patterns Salary Responsibilities Obtaining Employment Targets and Self Promotion. Employment Opportunities. Possible Employers. Local Colleges – Further Education Lecturer .

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364mc teaching as a career

364MCTeaching As ACareer

By John Watson

364mc teaching as a career


  • Employment Opportunities

  • Training

  • Working Patterns

  • Salary

  • Responsibilities

  • Obtaining Employment

  • Targets and Self Promotion

364mc teaching as a career

Employment Opportunities


Local Colleges – Further Education Lecturer

Workshops – Teaching Editing Skills & Camera Techniques

After School Clubs – A Beginners Guide To Media

364mc teaching as a career

Local Colleges


In employment with a college, lots of different opportunities

await at varying levels of education.

First Diploma

National Diploma

Higher National Diploma

364mc teaching as a career



Final Cut Pro



Adobe Programs


After Effects

Premiere Pro

364mc teaching as a career

Workshops Cont….

Camera Workshops

The workshops would include training, using various Sony cameras

including the VX2100E, Z1E and Z7E.

  • White Balance

  • Camera Movement

  • IrisControl

  • Camera Position

  • Shutter Speed

  • Lighting Techniques

  • Gain

364mc teaching as a career

Teacher Training

Getting the Qualifications

Teacher training is essential for me

to achieve my goals. There are many

ways in which to go about getting this


Either through employment, or extra

courses. These can be paid for by either

myself, my employer or through Student


364mc teaching as a career


The course for the qualifications can be applied for through many avenues.

  • Your Employer – Where you work as a lecturer and gain the qualification

  • whilst employed.

  • Through Long Distance Learning – Either through a college or University, The Open

  • University runs these teacher training courses.

  • College/University – By enrolling on the relevant courses at a college or

  • University. You need a placement to fulfill the

  • requirements of the course.

364mc teaching as a career

Qualifications Cont….

Although exempt from having to do an ITT (Initial Teacher Training) certificate,

There would be other qualifications I would need to gain in order to become an

FE lecturer.

  • HND Qualification

  • An on the job training certificate DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in

  • the Lifelong Learning Sector & PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the

  • Lifelong Sector)

  • A Degree

  • A PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)

  • A Cert. Ed. (Certificate in Education)

364mc teaching as a career

Qualifications Cont….

There are a number of areas that I will need to learn to obtain these


What I Will Study

  • Introduction to Teaching

  • Perspectives on Learning

  • Identifying Needs and Planning Programmes

  • Group Learning and Management

  • The Context of Post-Compulsory Education

  • Alternative Learning Strategies

  • Curriculum Planning and Issues

  • Review, Evaluation & Professional Development

  • Supervised Practical Experience

  • Assessment of Learning

364mc teaching as a career

Qualifications Cont….

Once in a position of FE lecturer I must

register with the Institute for Learning.

Once I have my initial FE teaching certificates

and had enough time in the job I can then

apply for further qualifications. The QTLS

certificate (Qualified Teacher Learning and

Skills). The more qualifications you get the

higher on the pay scale you can go.

364mc teaching as a career

Qualifications Cont….

PTLLS – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

The PTLLS award is an introduction into the teaching profession. The course is part time and is taught either by attending classes (usually) once a week or through long distance learning.

The course lasts approximately 30 hours and is the start of either a PGCE qualification or can lead onto a CTLLS (Certificate in the Lifelong Learning Sector) or a DTLLS (Diploma in the Lifelong Learning Sector)

The course is an introduction in to teaching practices that includes learning how to:Improve yourown skills; evaluation and reflection; awareness of own role and responsibilities; initial assessment and differentiation; teaching cycle - deliver, plan, assess, Communication; awareness of the learning process.


364mc teaching as a career

Qualifications Cont….

DTLLS – Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

The DTLLS differs from the PTLLS in that you need to be employed in a teaching capacity before undertaking the qualification. Whilst undertaking this qualification I would need to have 75 hours of teaching per year.

The course runs for two years in a part time structure, usually one day a week for the duration of the course.

The courses teaches:Minimum core Reflective practice; Equality and diversity; Individual learning plans and setting targets;Theories of communication,learning, barriers to learning; Planning and delivering learning; Teaching assessment,The role of the professional; Professional development; Quality assurance; Impact of learning; Challenging discrimination; Curriculum design


364mc teaching as a career

Working Patterns

Hours of work can vary depending on whether you have a working

contract or not.

An average working week for an FE lecturer is 37 hours a week.

22 hours are spent teaching, while the other 15 hours is made of various

tasks such as grading, lesson planning and meetings with other faculty members.

Holidays are not based entirely around the students holidays. Many lecturers

are required to work throughout certain breaks. Media lecturers may also have to

work away on residential trips.

364mc teaching as a career


Unqualified Lecturer

* Qualified Lecturer.

Information from www.ucu.org

364mc teaching as a career

Salary Cont….

Another benefit of becoming qualified to teach FE is the TPI (Teacher

Pay Initiative).

The TPI guarantees that a qualified contracted worker will receive

a certain pay scale and hours of employment depending on their

stage of qualification.

SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) is also a benefit of a contracted FE lecturer.

The rate of pay varies. Different establishments pay different ways,

That can depend upon size of contract and time served. The standard

rate of SSP is currently £79.15 a week.

364mc teaching as a career


Obviously being an FE lecturer comes with responsibilities.

You have to make sure that you create a safe working environment for your students,

Where everyone feels welcome regardless of background or learning ability.

As a lecturer you have a responsibility to be punctual and have pre-planned


Suitable behavior is also a must. You must act appropriate at all times and never

overstep the boundaries of teacher and pupil.

Your lessons must be age appropriate and contain accurate information

As well as the students you must work as a team with other lecturers passing

on salient information, enabling the work place to run as efficiently as possible.

364mc teaching as a career

Responsibilities Cont….

You may be required to take tutorials, where you will have to deal with

students on a 1 on 1 basis.

Record keeping may be required as well as other administrative tasks such

as progress reports on students and quality assurance reviews.

Setting and thinking of briefs so that your students meet all the criteria they

Need to pass the course.

Interviewing potential students could also be a role you need to undertake.

Acting as a personal tutor and having to deal with a range of personal issues

that a student may have.

Being responsible for kit and scheduling for it.

You also need to keep learning, because everything that you know you

can pass on to others.

364mc teaching as a career

Obtaining Employment

Obtaining employment in this field is specialised. I would have to

apply to colleges who run media departments, 6th form colleges

or even prisons to try and find work.

As well as NWHC there are several other colleges in the Midland

area that run media courses.

There are courses running in:





364mc teaching as a career

Obtaining Employment Cont….

This is an extract from the connexions jobs4u website on employment

There are around 400 further education colleges in England and 200,000

full-time and part-time lecturers. Jobs are widely available and opportunities

exist in many towns and cities throughout England. Lecturers may also work

in prisons and with private training organisations.

Competition for posts varies according to the subject area and the part of country.

Temporary contracts and part-time work are common and a good way of getting in.

Jobs are advertised in The Times Educational Supplement, the Tuesday edition of

The Guardian, the websites of individual colleges and the local and regional press.

364mc teaching as a career

Targets & Self Promotion

In order to gain the qualifications needed to become an FE lecturer,

I will look for employment either full-time or part-time in that role.

I will send out my C.V. on paper and digitally in order to find work.

I feel that I have a number of abilities that would enable me to become

a good lecturer.

I feel I possess a wide ranging knowledge and enthusiasm for the

subject of media.

I can get on with people of all ages and backgrounds

I am confident in my own ability and am assured when talking to groups

of people.

364mc teaching as a career

Targets & Self Promotion Cont….

I am able to use the available equipment to a decent standard and

enjoy showing others what I know.

I also feel I am good at organising and helping others

I enjoy working with like minded people.

My experience of film making for myself is useful too and I have won

awards through doing it.


In conclusion I feel that teaching would benefit me mentally and

financially as there is a lot of room for progress in this field, if I am

willing to put in the time and effort. The college experience from my

own point of view as an adult learner has been a positive one, and I

hope to be able to pass that on to others.

364mc teaching as a career

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