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Adjectives and Comparatives

English Lesson for Kids

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Adjectives and Comparatives

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  1. INFORMATICA EDUCATIVA ENGLISH LESSON PLAN FOR KIDS BEGINNING LEVEL Times listed for the activities are approximate two hours. Times for each of the activities will vary depending on number of students in the class and the level.


  3. Lessonobjectives- Toidentifycomparatives and superlativesadjectivesinductively.- Tomakecomparative and superlativesentences in a real context.- Topracticethesestructures in writingand oral form, usingthetools of Web 2.0.

  4. STAGES OF THE LESSON 1-DAILY ROUTINES (15 minutes) • Greetings • Songs • Date • Weather

  5. 2-WARM UP-REVIEW (15 minutes) • Studentswillreviewadjectivesthroughpuzzlesorworksheetsmadebytools of theDiscovery Education web site and a video • of Youtube. • Cickonthepictureforthehyperlink

  6. 3-PRESENTATION (30 minutes) • Studentswillwatch a video. Firstwithoutsound. Then, Theywilltalkaboutwhattheysaw. Cickonthepictureforthehyperlink

  7. Thentheywatchtheother video and answerquestionsaboutit. (Reading, listening and speaking) Cickonthepicturetowatchthe video.

  8. 4- Practice (30 minutes)Have the students practice the,comparative and superlativeadjectivesbyusingpagesorsoftwares in the web. (reading, listening and writing)Cickonthepicturesforthehyperlink

  9. Evaluation (30 minutes) • In pairs, have the students create their own dialogues using comparatives and superlatives. • Have each pair come to the front of the class and act out their dialogues. Use the Evaluation Checklist

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