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SexuaL HarassmenT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SexuaL HarassmenT. In the Work Place. Information You Need to Know. What Is It ?. What Is It ?. When someone at work or at school feels uncomfortable due to an unwanted action of a sexual nature. To Be More Clear….

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In the Work Place

Information You Need to Know


What Is It ?

When someone at work or at school feels uncomfortable due to an unwanted action of a sexual nature.

to be more clear
To Be More Clear…
  • The harasser may think that his/her sexual behavior is harmless or even playful…
  • However, if the victim finds it uncomfortable…
  • The law will side with

the victim’s view…

  • Not the harasser’s.
not just a physical thing
Not Just a Physical Thing...
  • Sexual harassment isn’t always about physical attraction.
  • It is about power and control.
  • It happens at work and at school.
difference between flirting and harassment
Difference Between Flirting and Harassment


Sexual Harassment

  • Flirting makes the receiver feel
  • Sexual harassment makes the receiver feel•




There are_____kinds.



sexual harassment
  • You have been employed for one year as a receptionist. During this time, you have gained the experience necessary to perform as an Administrative Assistant, a higher paying position. An Administrative Assistant position becomes available and you apply. Subsequently, your boss asks you to come into his office and informs you are promoted. You thank him for this opportunity. He then tells you, “Remember, you owe me one.” He then hugs you, and whispers in your ear, “You know what I mean.” You quickly push him away and respond, “You know I have a boyfriend and I’m not interested in you.” You again thank him for the promotion and leave his office. The following day, the boss calls you back into his office and tells you that he will promote your co-worker instead.
When managers suggest sex in return for a hiring, money, promotion or to just keep your job.



Dating also falls into this illegal action.You cannot tell someone they will benefit by dating you.You cannot tell someone they will lose something if they do not date you.


Verbal Harassment

Verbal Harassment


Verbal Harassment

Verbal Harassment

  • Is This Sexual Harassment if this was the first time?

What To Say


Effective Communication for Handling Sexual Harassment.

how do you know
How Do You Know?
  • Ask yourself: