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Baseball Officials Training Day 3 PowerPoint Presentation
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Baseball Officials Training Day 3

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Baseball Officials Training Day 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baseball Officials Training Day 3
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  1. Baseball Officials TrainingDay 3 North Texas Independent Sports Officials

  2. 5.08 – If a thrown ball touches a base coach or umpire, the ball is in play. Unless the coach interferes, then the runner is out 5.09(a) – Hit batter. A pitched ball touches the batter or his clothing. Ball always is dead. No award is he is swinging when hit. Rule 5.00Putting the Ball into Play

  3. Rule 5.00Putting the Ball into Play • 5.10 – This rule specifies your authority to call “Time” when weather, darkness or an accident make immediate further play impossible. This is a judgment. • 5.11 – Plate umpire puts ball in play when pitcher takes his place on his plate with the ball in his possession.

  4. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.01 – Batters must follow their place in the batting order. Last batter is always the batter who legally completed his time at bat. • 6.02(a) – Batter cannot leave his position once the pitcher comes to Set position or begins his windup

  5. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.02(b) – Umpire shall not call “Time” at the request of the batter once pitcher has come to Set or begins his windupIf a pitcher has come to Set or starts his windup and batter steps out, no balk.

  6. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.02(c) – Batter must take his place in the batters box at request of umpire. If not, instruct the pitcher to pitch and call “strike” • 6.05 – When is a batter out • 6.05(a) – when a fair or foul ball is legally caught

  7. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.05(c) – When a 3rd strike is not legally caught by the catcher and 1st base is occupied.Dropped 3rd strike rule. Remember, 1st base must be unoccupied and less than 2 outsIt is NOT a legal catch if the ball strikes the dirt first before the catcher catches the ball • 6.05(d) – When a bunt is fouled on 3rd strike

  8. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.05(e) – When an infield fly is declared remember, infield fly cannot be a buntRules for Infield fly:1. Runners on 1st, 2nd or 1st,2nd,3rd with less than 2 outs2. High arching fair fly ball3. Batter/runner automatically out4. Runners may advance at own risk

  9. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.06 (a) – Batter is out when he hits the ball with one or both feet on the ground entirely outside the batters box • 6.06 (c) – Batter is out when he interferes with catcher fielding or throwing out of the batters box

  10. Rule 6.00The Batter • 6.06 (d) - Batter is out for using an altered bat, and is also ejected • 6.07(c) – Batter gets free base if interfered with by catcher. If he gets to first…..