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Nasa Project. Hello we are. Arie. Mariana. and our asistant Tania. We are the group of Miss Dheming of seventh grade.

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Hello we are



and our asistant Tania

We are the group of Miss Dheming of seventh grade.

We are going to explain you some of the reasons why people can live in the moon. We will tell you what things the people can or have to eat, the constructions that can be made with the material that is in the moon, etc.

Where can we live in the moon
Where can we live in the moon?

  • The craters are the best places to live because it is less probably that an asteroid crashes on the same place where the crater is.

    The best crater to live is call “Eros” because it is a big crater where easily you can build the “house” to live inside, it is like a big hole and also it is on the atmospheric territory.

What materials in the moon are useful for constuctions
What materials in the moon are useful for constuctions?

  • In the moon there is a strange material called “Regolito” that is useful to make a very hard type of metal, that is also not too heavy.

    Also in space ships you can transport Titanium for the construction of the laboratory and the observatory.

The food
The food

  • The food is going to be canned because the tortillas and all that type of food would float. Also the food has to be like jelly.

    All the food has to be in cans or in bottles because it is easier for the people to transport it and it is more secure because the tortillas and the bread can enter the system.


  • To transport faster in the moon we are going to use fast cars with 10 wheels so it can`t choke with the little craters or some obstacles in the moon, that cars are going to take things in the moon (interesting and strange things).

Advantages and disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages.

  • The advantages of this moon station is that works with magnetic and solar energy, also that this station is more safety because is in a very secure crater.

  • The disadvantages are that this station doesn’t have a place to leave the transports and is a very cold zone.

Place: Rooms, kitchen, livingroom, gym, etc…


S=28.27 mts each area



r =6 mts

D= 12 mts



S= 3.1416(6)

S= 3.1416(36)




Place: laboratory and nursery.


12 mts




Magnetic camp

Rooms and nursery