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Community Garden Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Garden Proposal

Community Garden Proposal

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Community Garden Proposal

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  1. Community Garden Proposal Enabling Youth to Be Productive Members of the Community Presentation by Shauna Campbell in Association with Split Rock Learning Center

  2. Spilt Rock Learning Center: recognized 2008, but serving youth since 2003 Center’s mission is “Supporting youth to be positive contributors to the local community.” Target Population: 12-25 (30) Proposed project: Youth Community Garden Goals: Garden in South End, Yarmouth and sell produce at Farmers Market Earnings used to support future projects set up by youth Importance of project: Meets the mission statement of center Teach new skills Sense of accomplishment; future projects Credibility: longstanding trust with the youth many events for the youth advocates for them regularly Works closely with Youth Restorative Justice. Ongoing evaluation Current funding (private, municipal and some government) Asking $4,000 The funding will be used for staff, volunteers, seeds, soil amendment and equipment rental for garden Summary

  3. Introduction/ Background • Spilt Rock Learning Center; Water St, Yarmouth, NS • Non Profit organization • Supported in part by SWSDA (facilities) and by private funding • Operating 7 years (2003-present) • Started as Youth Services in Pier 1 Complex, got present name in 2008 • Mission - to create a safe place where youth can come; to support youth so they can become positive members of society • Target population 12-25; sometimes as old as 30 • Programs are youth oriented and created • Employment programs • Community projects with youth • Fun activities for youth • Youth advocacy • Works closely with several other community organizations to help enable the youth • Volunteer staff – youth that come to the center regularly • Student Volunteer – Shauna Campbell • Director and facilitator – Josh Purdy

  4. Need Statement • Who & Where? • Youth ages 12-25 in the Town of Yarmouth and the Tri County Area • When? • Youth crime • School drop out rates • Mental health issues • Teen pregnancy rates • What? • Non judgmental supports • Why? Youth overlooked • Lack of funding, resources (communication) and supports in community • Youth labeled • Evidence: Youth lost in the cracks of the system • Impact: • Give confidence and voice to youth • Provide skills and resources • Make them productive members of the community (Mission)

  5. Objectives • 1st: Increase youth engagement in the community • 2nd: Teach youth entrepreneurial skills • 3rd: Build a network of youth contacts and create social awareness • 4th: Empower youth, thus increasing self-esteem

  6. Find land for garden: South End (Parents Place) Partnering with Black Business Initiative/ Business is Jamming (Chuck Smith) Have Soil Tested: See if it needs amending Contact an expert (Chris Atwood CBDC ) Get youth together for the project: Advertise Make posters (hang up at center) Create Facebook group Methods

  7. Connect with Farmer’s Market: Contact at SWSDA Advertise for Farmer’s Market Make posters (hang up at center) Create Facebook group Evaluation of project success: Ongoing Interviews Public/youth feedback Receipts Methods

  8. Budget 2010-2011

  9. Budget 2010-2011

  10. Evaluation • First: Meeting Mission Statement Objectives • Keep record of the number of youth that get involved • Get youth to fill out feedback forms at end of project • Second: Cost Effective • Keep receipts • Third: Project’s sustainable • Get community's feedback, throughout project • Continue to create partnerships with other businesses

  11. Sustainability • If it is successful this year than it will keep going every year • Supplies/ tools will be kept for next season • Youth will take proceeds from the Farmer’s Market to put back into program for future projects • Continuing to create partnerships with community organizations and businesses