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an introduction for vaccine techonology PowerPoint Presentation
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an introduction for vaccine techonology

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an introduction for vaccine techonology

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an introduction for vaccine techonology

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  1. Vaccine Technology Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on all kinds of Vaccine Technology that include Vaccine Target Validation, Monoclonal Antibody Vaccines, Cell Based Vaccines and more. We also provide a wide range of Vaccine Design services to meet our customers’ requirements. What Is A Vaccine? Infectious diseases cause an overwhelming number of deaths around the world and their clinical management is often hampered by the emergence of multidrug resistant strains. Therefore, prevention through vaccination is currently the best course of action to beat them. A vaccine is a biological agent that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine usually contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism. It is often made from killed or weakened forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins. Body's immune system is stimulated to recognize the agent as a threat and destroy it, and any of these microorganisms that it later encounters. The Type of Vaccines Vaccines can be prophylactic (e.g. to prevent or reduce the impact of a future infection by a pathogen), or therapeutic (e.g. cancer vaccines are being investigated). Vaccines exist in many different forms which may contain live, attenuated virus, or an inactivated micro-organism, or some unique molecular component of the organism that causes illnesses. Vaccines can generally be classified as Live Attenuated Vaccine, Inactivated

  2. Vaccine, Subunit Vaccine, Vector Vaccine, Conjugate Vaccine, DNA and RNA Vaccine and more. Table 1. A summary of vaccine product classifications (Josefsberg et al. 2012) Product classification Product classification Licensed vaccines Licensed vaccines Adjuvant Adjuvant Live attenuated virus Smallpox, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, rotavirus, shingles, influenza, and yellow fever No Inactivated purified virus Inactivated polio, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis A, Influenza (seasonal and pandemic), and rabies Sometimes Live attenuated bacterium Tuberculosis and typhoid No Whole inactivated bacterium Whole cell pertussis Sometimes Purified protein Acellular pertussis Yes Polysaccharide Vaccines Pneumococcal for infants, haemophilus type B, and bacterial meningitis Sometimes Plasmid DNA In development Yes Our Strategies Creative Biolabs is specialized in vaccine design using various technologies, from the most traditional live attenuated and killed vaccine to the state-of-the-art in silico design and so on. In Silico Vaccine Design Live Attenuated and Killed Vaccine Design  

  3. Subunit Vaccine Design Monoclonal Antibody Vaccines Total Synthetic Vaccine Design DNA and RNA Vaccine Design Viral Vector Vaccine Design Hapten Conjugate Vaccine Design Cell Based Vaccines Vaccine Target Validation Virus-Like Particles Based Vaccines Plant-based Vaccines          

  4. Our Services Creative Biolabs offers a full range of custom vaccine development services from design to validation to downstream GMP manufacturing. We assist our clients exploiting a wide array of novel technologies to produce safer and more efficacious vaccines. Pathogen/Target-Based Vaccine Design Adjuvant Selection Vaccine Analytical Development & Qualification Vaccine Preclinical Assessment Formulation Development Process Development & GMP Manufacturing      

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  6. 1.Josefsberg JO; Buckland B. Vaccine process technology. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2012, 109(6): 1443-1460.