How to clean a yoga mat
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How To Clean A Yoga Mat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are using your yoga mat for your regular yoga practice, it becomes dirty due to accumulation of sweat, dirt and debris. So what

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How To Clean A Yoga Mat

Using Yoga mat for your workout is very beneficial which keeps you fresh and rejuvenated all the day.

In the early stages of my yoga practice, i was not that much serious about caring for yoga mat. But that day when I was doing child’s pose my nose discovered the situation of my poor mat.

Due to regular practice on the mat, sweating is going on. So the mat gets sticky quickly.So I became serious about cleaning my mat. And started searching different ways to clean the mat. I want to clean the mat at home. Done comprehensive research and found three basic ways to wash the mat at home.

And the ways are : Hand Wash, Machine Wash and Using a Spray.

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Best Ways To Clean Yoga Mat At Home

There are two methods to clean yoga mat by hand :

  • Making mat wash by hand

  • Buying a prep-prepared mat cleaner

    Get more information about how to hand wash your yoga mat at

    If you don’t have much time to wash the mat by hand, simply put it in the washing machine. Some people don’t prefer this technique as they think this might cause little tears in mat fabric. But I didn’t see this happened based on my own experience. Yet if you think any risk doing this type of wash, then avoid it.

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Best Ways To Clean Yoga Mat At Home

The third option to sanitize the mat is to spray it with natural disinfectant, every time you done using it.

You can either use a readymade spray which is easily available in the market or online.

You can make the spray at home using water and tea tree oil. Its very easy and inexpensive too. After done washing by one of the three methods, allow it to air dry before rolling and storing it.

So get up and start collecting ingredients to wash your mat if you have not done yet.

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Best Ways To Clean Yoga Mat At Home

After spending time in cleaning my mat, I found my mat sparkling more than before. I feel fresh and clean upon resting on the mat.

How To Clean Yoga Mat At Home