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Formatting Tips

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Formatting Tips. Always turn on paragraph marks. (Looks like ¶ up in the menu bar) Use ‘Paragraph/Spacing After’ instead of using multiple paragraph breaks. Use find and replace to not only take out multiple paragraph breaks, but to replace them with chosen ‘Spacing After’.

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formatting tips
Formatting Tips
  • Always turn on paragraph marks. (Looks like ¶ up in the menu bar)
  • Use ‘Paragraph/Spacing After’ instead of using multiple paragraph breaks.
    • Use find and replace to not only take out multiple paragraph breaks, but to replace them with chosen ‘Spacing After’.
  • Set tabs rather than using multiple tabs to get cursor to where you want.
  • Be consistent.
find and replace in word
Find and Replace in Word
  • Ctrl+F to open the ‘Find’ menu.
  • Click the magnifying glass and choose ‘Replace’.
  • Click ‘More > >’ in the bottom left corner.
  • Get to know the drop down ‘Special’ and ‘Format’ menus.
my most commonly used find and replace shortcuts
My Most Commonly UsedFind and Replace Shortcuts


  • ^l
  • ^p(space)
  • (space)^p
  • (space)(space)
  • ^p^p


  • ^p
  • ^p
  • ^p
  • (space)
  • ^p
making a list from excel
Making a List from Excel
  • Copy chosen cells from Excel.
  • Open Word. Right click and choose ‘Keep Text Only’ from the Paste Options.
  • Use find and replace to replace tabs (^t) and/or paragraph breaks (^p) with spaces, commas, or semicolons – depending on what you want your final product to be.
office fashion

Office Fashion

(on a Budget)

the basics
The Basics
  • Know your look
  • Know your figure
  • Know where to shop
  • Know when to shop
  • Shopping

My Work Style: Classic Chic


Work Style:



tara lynn
Tara Lynn

2 know your figure
#2 Know your figure
  • Helpful tips that are specific to both your shape and size
  • Lists the good points about your figure that you can play up when you are dressing
  • Gives strategies to downplay your weaker areas
3 know where to shop
#3 Know where to shop
  • Some stores design clothes that will work for your body type and some do not.
  • Certain stores are more likely to carry your style of clothes as well
  • Make a note of which stores carry your style/fit you best so that even when you are thrift store shopping you can watch for those brand names.
  • Coupons – once you know where you like to shop, get on their mailing list for coupons. Places like Kohls and Gordmans have great coupons and if you plan your shopping, you can usually get an extra discount
4 know when to shop
#4 Know when to shop
  • Know the sales – Jan/Feb have great sales for winter items, President’s Day, July/August for summer items, Lemon Days at Gateway Mall are great, and of course the notorious Black Friday and Christmas Eve sales
  • Thrift Stores also have sales – Goodwill has their 10 items for $10 (a Friday sale)
  • Von Maur has excellent prices on great clothes on their clearance racks
wardrobe basics
Wardrobe Basics
  • 3 pairs of slacks
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 cardigan
  • Several tops/blouses in your favorite colors
  • Shoes
  • Accessories (scarves, tights, belts, etc.)
5 shopping idea shopping vs serious shopping
#5 ShoppingIdea Shopping vs. Serious Shopping
  • Idea Shopping
  • Purpose: to find style ideas
  • Inform sales attendants that you are just looking
  • Shop anywhere you like and try on things that catch your eye
  • If you find something that you feel you absolutely must have, make sure you shop your wardrobe at home with that item once you get back to be sure it was not an impulsive purchase
serious shopping
Serious Shopping
  • Purpose: to find specific items that you need for your wardrobe at a good price
  • Stay focused on your goal until you find the right item at the right price – be careful not to blow your budget on whimsical purchases you come across
  • Double check your decision by trying the item on at home after the purchase and make sure that it is still comfortable and attractive in your own mirror
helpful hints
Helpful Hints:

When you feel like you need something new:

  • Shop your own closet first
  • Try to determine what piece you are missing
  • Is there a certain mood that you need to include in your wardrobe?
  • Spring trend? Green is in!
shopping tips
Shopping Tips
  • Make quality purchases on items you will wear at least once a week – shoes, pants
  • Shoes – shop for comfort first, beauty second
  • Consider Your Colors and take a list with you when you shop
  • Tops/Blouses are less expensive than pants/skirts, so express your style with cute tops. They are easier to find on the clearance rack or in the thrift store too!
  • Accessories are another inexpensive way to add interest to your wardrobe – scarves, belts, etc.

Know what you are shopping for and stick to it!

resources from your local library
Resources from your local library:

Other inspiration:

Tara Lynn


Give Away (draw ticket)

  • Next meeting is Thursday, 03/21/13 at 11:45 am.  This special meeting will be held at Heartland Hall – College View Church. 
  • Campus Connector Planning Team will be providing lunch that day - soup, bread and dessert.  We will email you ahead of time for RSVP’s so we know how many to plan for. 
  • Topics that day will center on Union College topics, i.e., student employment, professional development/training opportunities, how to update the college website, etc.
  • In April we have another special meeting to finish up the year, held on Thursday, 04/18/13.  Please talk with your supervisor now, because the meeting time is different … 4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. in the computer lab.  Each of the Campus Connector Planning Team will be providing Windows/MS Office training.  More info on that to come.
  • If interested in being part of the Campus Connector Planning Team next year please email one of the current members.