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Computer Software

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Computer Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Software
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  1. Computer Software

  2. Overview of Computer Software Computer Software Application Software System Software General Purpose Application Programs System Development Programs System Management Programs Application- Specific Programs

  3. Corel WordPerfect Office Microsoft Office Lotus SmartSuite Sun Star Office Programs Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentation Graphics Database Manager Personal Info. Manager General-PurposeApplication Programs Software Suites and Integrated Packages Oracle E-Business Suite Word Excel PowerPoint Access Outlook WordPro 1-2-3 Freelance Approach Organizer WordPerfect Quattro Pro Presentations Paradox Corel Central StarWriter StarCalc StarImpress StarBase StarSchedule

  4. General-PurposeApplication Programs • Web Browsers • Electronic Mail and Instant Messaging (IM) • Word Processing and Desktop Publishing • Electronic Spreadsheets • Database Management • Presentation Graphics • Personal Information Managers • Groupware – Collaboration Software

  5. General-PurposeApplication Programs Application Service Providers (ASPs)

  6. End Users Application Software System Software Computer Hardware System Software:Computer System Management Software Interface Between End Users and Computers

  7. Operating Systems The User Interface • Command-Driven • Menu-Driven • Graphical User Interface

  8. Operating Systems User Interface End User Systems and Network Communications File Management Utilities and Other Functions Resource Management Task Management Providing a Variety of Support Services Managing Data and Program Files Managing the Accomplishment Of Tasks – Managing the Use of Hardware Resources

  9. Operating Systems Resource Management • Virtual Memory File Management Task Management • Multitasking Microsoft Windows • Windows NT • Windows 2000 • Windows XP • Windows Server 2003

  10. Operating Systems UNIX • Solaris by Sun • AIX by IBM Linux • Open-Source Software • Freeware • Red Hat • Novell SUSE Linux • VA Linux Mac OS X

  11. Use Binary Coded Instructions 1010 1011 1100 11001 11010 11011 Use Symbolic Coded Instructions LOD Y ADD Z STR X Programming Languages Machine Languages Assembler Languages

  12. Use Brief Statements or Arithmetic BASIC: X = Y + Z COBOL: COMPUTE X = Y + Z Use Natural and Nonprocedural Statements SUM THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS Programming Languages High-Level Languages Fourth-Generation Languages

  13. Programming Languages Object-Oriented Languages Withdraw (amount) Calculate Interest Print Monthly Statement Current Account Balance Get Owner Get Balance Deposit (amount) Savings Account Object

  14. Programming Languages Web Languages and Services HTML XML JAVA • Platform Independence • Program Applets JAVA2 Enterprise Edition Microsoft .NET Software

  15. Programming Languages J2EE and .NET Compared

  16. Programming Languages Web Services Applications Uses UDDI Web Services Directory to Locate Desired Web Service Web Services is Translated to XML, Which Acts as a Platform-Neutral Wrapper Client Application Web Service Components Communicate Via SOAP, an XML-Based Protocol for Connecting Applications and Data Web Service is Delivered Back to Client in XML