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Classroom Based Assessments:

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Classroom Based Assessments:. Resources, Tips, and Tools. Nadean Meyer Eastern Washington University. Teacher Librarians. Teacher Librarians across the state Task force and training since 2004 1. Collaboration. 2. 3. 4. Agenda. Civics CBA Resources.

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classroom based assessments

Classroom Based Assessments:

Resources, Tips, and Tools

Nadean Meyer Eastern Washington University

teacher librarians
Teacher Librarians

Teacher Librarians across the state

Task force and training since 2004








Civics CBA Resources

Research Resources

Common Step Teaching Tools

  • See the range of resources
  • Know where to look after today
  • Excitement about what our students can think about
your goals
Your goals
  • District or Elementary or Secondary
  • Teachers or Librarians or Administrators
  • Done a CBA with students or Not Yet
  • Have your content selected or Not Yet
  • Database access in school– Y N
what do teacher librarians contribute to the partnership
What do Teacher-Librarians Contribute to the Partnership?
  • Provide instructional support
    • Essential Questions
    • Note Taking Strategies
    • Reliable Resources
  • Help with “backwards planning”
    • Where do we want them to go?
    • What do we expect to see?
    • How will we get there?
  • Statewide assistance
  • Books count too!
  • Varying resources across schools
  • One time 2008-09 School Library Funding
  • ~ $4.00 FTE

Today’s demonstration is mainly web reources

common steps
Common Steps
  • Transferable skills
  • Research Process
  • Citing sources
  • Using information
common steps1
Common Steps
  • Essential Question
  • Key Concepts & Vocabulary
  • Inquiry (reading and note-taking, bibliography)
  • Organization & Synthesis
  • Group Process & Discussion
  • Position (Writing!)
  • Presentation (Communication!)
avoiding the overload
Avoiding the Overload
  • OSPI
  • Libraries
    • WLMA
    • Public
  • Civic groups
  • Museums
  • Classroom Based Assessments
    • Many updated Summer 2008
  • OSPI Resources
    • Unit outlines, supporting resources, anchored sets graphic organizers and more…
  • Pathfinders
  • Databases
  • Reference librarians
  • Best of web
  • Evaluation criteria
Procedure to scaffold resources

Preselected for guidance

Library of Congress

Internet Public Library

Joyce Valenza

wlma pathfinder
WLMA Pathfinder
  • Checks & Balance- 3 branches
  • Impeachment
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Time- reconstruction
  • Primary sources
  • Secondary


mead middle school
Mead -Middle School

where to start process
Where to start? Process
  • OSPI Directions and Rubric
  • Decide topic or content
  • WLMA pathfinder
    • Andrew Johnson Impeachment
  • Use teacher mind to determine KWL
  • Examine best resources available
  • Teaching toolkit
  • CAUTION!-”letting students loose on issue with many choices”
we the people
We the People

ben s guide to gov
Ben’s Guide to Gov

Range of Grades

historical thinking
Historical Thinking
  •—Teachers- Abilock
  • PBS teachers
  • Why Historical Thinking Matters
  • Jamie McKenzie-
complete sites
Complete sites

Martha Ballard’s Diary 27 years colonial

complete sites1
Complete Sites
  • Diary of Opal Whiteley
think aloud
Think aloud
  • Rubric
  • Resources
  • Keywords
  • Engagement
  • Assessing
  • Success for all students
factchecked org

Lessons, straight from the source, tools of the trade, wikipedia lessons

interactive constitution
Interactive Constitution

washington state historical society
Washington State Historical Society

washington state history lab museums
Washington State History Lab Museums
  • Washington State History Lab

washington state library
Washington State Library

Washington State Legislature

supreme court
Supreme Court

statewide library listings
Statewide Library Listings

  • School ESD pricingStatewide Database Licensing Project
  • Washington State Library
  • Public Libraries have access too


culture grams
Culture Grams
  • Culturegrams (states, countries, multimedia)

Nettrekker (includes standards and timelines)

facts on file
Facts on File

Facts On File

  • Search within publications like:
  • Social Education
  • Cobblestone
  • Elibray– Lexiles for range of reading levels
  • Statewide Database Project- funded through your money– access through school or public library– help with getting all students with a card
cobblestone online
Cobblestone Online

Free index, $50 per building online

online databases media
Online Databases- Media
  • Smithsonian

  • Library of Congress


subscription databases video
Subscription Databases- Video
  • National Archives video on Google
online tools

Thesis Generators

  • Timeline Builders
  • Citation Creator
  • And more…

Online Tools

online thesis builders

Action Statement

Online Thesis Builders


  • Knight Cite
  • Oregon OSLIS Citation Maker
  • Citation Machine (Warlick)
  • Noodlebib Express


  • Noodlebib
graphic organizers
Graphic Organizers
  • Inspiration Software
  • New Webspiration
  • Microsoft Office
  • ReadWriteThink
essay map
Essay Map

online notes
Online Notes



online notetaking
Online notetaking
  • The Awesome Highlighter
timeline generators
Timeline Generators
  • Check readability in MS word
  • Reading non-fiction
  • Web page reading
chart of cbas
Chart of CBAS
  • Training for Washington State Library grant has many more resources and ideas
  • On-line GLEs will have resources too
sharing resources
Sharing resources
  • Tagging-
  • Http://
    • Better annotations and organization
  • http://ewumeyer/cbas/
    • What I am finding, needs organization
    • Can be shared


Thank You!

Nadean Meyer and WLMA task force

first amendment1
First Amendment
  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
interactive constitution1
Interactive Constitution

supreme court1
Supreme Court

freedom to read
Freedom to Read
  • Resources from libraries
  • Banned Books Week every late September (near Constitution Day)
  • Access Northwest- study of Banned Books in Washington State
first amendment study
First Amendment Study

teachfirstamendment org

Quiz in bottom right corner of home page

kidspeakonline org

Online quiz IQ with answer hints

media lesson debbie abilock
Media Lesson- Debbie Abilock

j ideas

national coalition against censorship
National Coalition against Censorship

illinois first amendment center
Illinois First Amendment Center

Free materials

more resources
More resources
  • Access NW Banned Books
  • Random House Teachers Toolkit
  • Banned Books online list- Historical
  • Notable 1st Amendment Court Cases
  • Banned Books Week
still to do to make pathfinder
Still to do to make pathfinder
  • Check the rubric
  • Check my understanding
  • Key words and vocabulary in context
  • Concepts- learning activities
  • Thoughtful critical questions
  • Enough resources of different reading levels
  • Engaging activities
  • Search for the gaps
  • Time to reflect