Yards of film by sherman holt
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Yards Of Film By: Sherman Holt. The History and Evolution Of NFL Broadcasting. In the Beginning. First Game was shot on October 22, 1939 National Broadcasting Company Only 8 people were needed for the broadcast.

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Yards of film by sherman holt

Yards Of Film By: Sherman Holt

The History and Evolution Of NFL Broadcasting

In the beginning
In the Beginning

  • First Game was shot on October 22, 1939

  • National Broadcasting Company

  • Only 8 people were needed for the broadcast

Yards of film by sherman holt

  • "I’d sit with my chin on the rail in the mezzanine, and the camera was over my shoulder," remembered Walz. "I did my own spotting, and when the play moved up and down the field, on punts or kickoffs, I’d point to tell the cameraman what I’d be talking about.”

Skip walz
Skip Walz

  • "It was a cloudy day, when the sun crept behind the stadium there wasn’t enough light for the cameras," according to Walz. "The picture would get darker and darker, and eventually it would go completely blank, and we’d revert to a radio broadcast." Such an occurrence would create a furor today, but in 1939 it was simply technology at its best.

Paving the way
Paving the Way

  • Chet Forte, born August 7, 1935– May 18, 1996

  • Known for choice of angles and close-ups

  • ABC Sports, In the mid 1960’s

  • Became the lead director for Monday Night Football 1970

Other influences
Other Influences

  • After WWII regular broadcasting of games was developed

  • Sandy Grossman, CBS, Appeal to viewers

Going to the big show
Going to the Big Show games were televised

  • In 1953-1955 NFL went primetime, coast to coast, on a weekly basis

  • Why was this a big deal?

Evolution of broadcasting
Evolution Of Broadcasting games were televised

First Super Bowl footage

What is your analysis?

What do you like about this footage?

What can be better?

1970 s
1970’S games were televised

  • First Monday Night Football Game

  • What has changed?

  • Do you notice any different or complicated cuts or edits?

1980 s
1980’S games were televised

  • 1980's Game Broadcast


1990 s
1990’S games were televised

  • 1993 Super Bowl Footage

    How has the editing played

    a roll in this game?

The transformation
The Transformation games were televised

What caused the boom of NFL Broadcasting?

  • Advertising

  • Media

  • Demand

The new millennium
The New Millennium games were televised

  • 2009 Super Bowl Broadcast

In the future
In the Future games were televised

What will it look like?

3-D Football

Florida state
Florida State games were televised

Florida State Athletics

3-D Article What Lies Ahead

Credits games were televised

  • www.youtube.com

  • www.nbc.com

  • www.cbs.com

  • www.profootballhof.com

  • www.nfl.com

  • www.wikipedia.com

  • www.sportsillustrated.com

  • www.seminoles.com