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Mercredi , le 2 avril 2014

Mercredi , le 2 avril 2014. le 1er avril -le “ poisson d’avril ” en France! Aux Etats-Unis les gens font des blagues ! Regardez ces clips : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGRYO3eDUIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBCA3o01Mvs. Le 31 mars-le 4 avril 2014 . F 3 .

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Mercredi , le 2 avril 2014

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  1. Mercredi, le 2 avril 2014 le 1er avril -le “poissond’avril” en France! Aux Etats-Unis les gens font des blagues! Regardezces clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGRYO3eDUIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBCA3o01Mvs

  2. Le 31 mars-le 4 avril 2014

  3. F 3 • Dû: APT -100% (demain-50%) Nous allons le corrigerdemain! • Révision: L’art-Degas, 5 phrases (l’interro-lundi), votrepoème, & les marionettes (lundi-105%). • (Des papiers)-Dans la classe-Écrivezvotre sketch ensemble-10 phrases chaquepersonne! • Si nous avons le temps: Les fêtes français! (lisons) dans le textesur les étagères! Les devoirs cesoir: Finissez les 3 poèmes- (la copie finale) pour 100%

  4. F 3 DUE DATES! • Due Fri. 3/28: 5 lines of your skit (10 total for 2 people) by 2:35 today! • Due Wed. 4/2: Your two assignments in Blackboard using your APT. Do NOT do Pg. 74 ex. 2 and NONE of page 76. • Due Thurs: 4/3: Your 3 POEMS-final copies attached to your rough drafts!!! The final copies must be typed with correct accent marks, and YOU MUST have your rough drafts stapled & turned in with them, so I can see you made the correct corrections--points off otherwise. Friday is a 50% and I MUST have both copies in that day so that I can grade them in class and give them back to you for your project due on Monday! • Due: Mon. 4/7: Your paper back or sock puppets for your skit-105! Tues for 100, Wed for 50. Final draft of your skit will be written next Thursday & Friday. ALSO DUE: Your 3 Poems project in Blackboard for 105! Tues-100, Wed-90, Thur-80, etc. • Tues. 4/8: Quiz on grammar • Wed. 4/9: Online flashcards of unit (word, meaning & synonym or antonym and in a sentence)-use Microsoft student flashcards on your desktop and submit) • Thurs. 4/10: Flashcards for 50%. Review day!!! • Fri. 4/11: TEST on unit and oral grade-15 phrases (at my desk) • Mon. 4/14 Typed final copy of skit (X3)-one to Madame. Practice skits! • Following week(s): Finish any presentations of former or new projects on Blackboard. Start Paris and "La Parure", do puppet shows, practice your Poem for the new 6 week's first oral grade! :-)

  5. F 3 les marionettes For your skit April 14th week: 1. Make sure you have your puppets made the week before (Paper bag or sock puppet with all features & “hair”). Make sure they fit the characters/theme of the skit. 2. Bonus for scene setting props etc. (1-5) NOTE: A. Keep skit in the same scene! B. 10 lines each…min. 3 words each sentence. Use vocabulary units 1-4 and 4-5 different tenses!

  6. F 3- Vospoèmes Demain, dèsl'aube, à l'heureoùblanchit la campagne,Je partirai. Vois-tu, je sais quetum'attends.J'irai par la forêt, j'irai par la montagne.Je ne puisdemeurer loin de toi plus longtemps. Je marcherai les yeuxfixéssurmespensées,Sans rienvoir au dehors, sans entendre aucun bruit,Seul, inconnu, le dos courbé, les mains croisées,Triste, et le jour pour moi sera comme la nuit. Je ne regarderainil'or du soir qui tombe,Ni les voiles au loin descendant versHarfleur,Et, quandj'arriverai, je mettraisurtatombeUn bouquet de houxvert et de bruyère en fleur • Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la SeineEt nos amoursFaut-il qu'il m'en souvienneLa joie venait toujours après la peineVienne la nuit sonne l'heureLes jours s'en vont je demeureLes mains dans les mains restons face à faceTandis que sousLe pont de nos bras passeDes éternels regards l'onde si lasseVienne la nuit sonne l'heureLes jours s'en vont je demeureL'amour s'en va comme cette eau couranteL'amour s'en vaComme la vie est lenteEt comme l'Espérance est violenteVienne la nuit sonne l'heureLes jours s'en vont je demeure Passent les jours et passent les semainesNi temps passéNi les amours reviennentSous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine Vienne la nuit, sonne l’heure, Les jours s’en vont je demeure

  7. F 3: Manet-révision EdouardManet-often called the “Father of modern art”, was in the French navy, but liked to draw. He married a yound Dutch pianist, Suzanne Leenhoff. He shocked the world with his bold new style. He could capture something with just a few brushstrokes. He loved depicting every day scenes. A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, painted and exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1882, was the last major work by French painter ÉdouardManet. It depicts a scene in the FoliesBergère nightclub in Paris. (King Charles puppy, close up of puppy-Woman at train station)

  8. F 3-Reprise-C.Pissarro Le jardin de Pointoise Camille Pissarro was born in The Carribbean on the island Of St. Thomas, but painted in France. He struggled to support his wife & 8 children, and was called “Papa Pissarro” by almost everyone. He was much loved and his 5 sons grew up to be artists themselves.

  9. F 3 Edgar Degas Edgar Degas grew up in a family Of wealthy Italian bankers who Lived in Paris. He befriended Manet, & Became a superb painter, print maker & photographer. When his Eyes failed after 40 years, he turned to Sculpting, working by feel & memory. He was a man of harsh words & Strong prejudices, but in his old age, he Softened, asking forgiveness of the Friends he had offended. He wasn’t interested in painting faces, so many are blurred, turned or blank, he was more interested in what emotions their bodies expressed. Woman bathing in a shallow tub

  10. F 3-Edgar Degas Racehorses before the Stands

  11. F 3-Edgar Degas Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando

  12. F 3-Edgar Degas La danseuse en vert….Green Dancer

  13. F 3: Edgar Degas-Les autrespeintures • La classe de dance-(c’est le peinture le plus célèbre de Degas).

  14. F 3-E. Degas L'étoile [La danseuse sur la scene] (The Star [Dancer on Stage]) (Dans la chamabre de ma fille). Les danseuses en violet.

  15. F 3-E. Degas The Little Dancer of Fourteen Years, 1880-81 (bronze with textile) by Edgar Degas (1834-1917) (Quand Degas étaitvieux, ilestdevenuaveugle. Alors, ildevenait un sculpteur!)

  16. F 3-les 5 phrases! • Pardonnez-moi, pourriez-vousm’aider?-Excuse me, can you help me? • À tessouhaits! God bless you! • Quoi de neuf? Qu’est-cequ’il y a? What’s new, what’s the matter? • Plus lentment SVP. Encore unefois. Slower please. One more time. • Je n’ai pas compris/entendu. I did not understand/hear.

  17. F 2 ALL • 1. Je vousdonnerai des papiers…finissez Le travail dansvotre livre-15 minutes a finir-100% aujourd’hui (50% demain)! • 2. Reprise: le partitif et la nourriture* F_2_partitive_and_unit_3_review.pptmF 2 unit 3 French food shopping powerpoint.ppt • 3. Les interros? (situétais absent vendredi???) • 4. Flashcards for 105 (PreAP-in BB) (R-on cards) • 5. Pratiquezvotre chanson “Je ne regretterien” http://www.frenchlearner.com/songs/non-je-ne-regrette-rien/ • 6. Si nous avons le temps: Lisons “Pomme de Terre” ensemble • Les Devoirs: Finissezvotre sketch-lundi! F/C-DEMAIN! 100! • BB work for 50!

  18. F 2-”Je ne regretterien” *Non, rien de rienNon, je ne regretterienNi le bienqu’onm’a faitNi le mal; tout çam’estbienégal! No, nothing of nothingNo, I don’t regret anythingNeither the good things people have done to meNor the bad things, it’s all the same to me. *Non, rien de rienNon, je ne regretterienC’estpayé, balayé, oubliéJe me fous du passé! No, nothing of nothingNo! I don’t regret anythingIt’s paid for, swept away, forgotten,I don’t care about the past! • Avec mes souvenirsJ’aiallumé le feuMes chagrins, mesplaisirsJe n’ai plus besoind’eux! With my memoriesI lit up the fireMy troubles, my pleasuresI don’t need them anymore!

  19. F 1 • 1. Dû-le travail de livre (lundi et mardi)-100% (10-15 minutes—finissez!) (lundi-5: pages 154 ex. 5, 155 ex. 6, 156 ex. 9 & 10, 157 ex. 12) (mardi-7: pages 164 ex. 1, pg. 165 ex. 2, 166 ex. 5, 167 ex. 7, 168 ex. 9, 175 ex. 3 & pg. 176 ex. 4 ) • 2. Votre chanson: “La vie en Rose” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0feNVUwQA8U • 3. Les articles: Un/une/des, Le/la/les, l’ & pas de/d’ • 4. Les papiers-(je vousdonnerai). Your rough drafts were due 3/26 (late on 3/27) NO FINAL COPY TO BE TYPED. JUST DO THE PROJECT FROM THE ROUGH DRAFTS! • 5. La lettre (pg. 190) commencez à écrire • Mardi-L’interro (La grammaire etc. 4) et les cartes du vocabulaire-105% • L’examen-vendredi!

  20. F 1: NOUNS for ANIMALS, OBJECTS & THINGS: • In French, everything has a gender, unlike English! Masculine words: Un bureau-desk Un lit-bed Feminine words: Une chaise-chair Une porte-door

  21. F 1 --FRENCH ARTICLES There are INDEFINITE ARTICLES(A, An, Some) ………..(and definite articles…t.b.a!) HERE ARE THE INDEFINITE ARTICLES! UN—a, an (used for masculine words) UNE- a, an (used for feminine words) DES- some (used for all plural words)

  22. F 1….HOWEVER, in the negative…. AFTER THE WORD “PAS”…CHOOSE “DE” or “D” for vowels. Ex. J’ai un livre. Je n’aipas delivre! Ex. Il y a un vélo. Il n’y a pas devélo. Ex. J’ai des amis. Je n’aipasd’amis!

  23. F 1: ONE EXEPTION THOUGH: • After any form of Être (suis, est, es, sommes, êtes, sont) the DE after PAS does not work!!! KEEP THE UN, UNE or DES! (a, an, some) Ex. Paul est un voisin. Paul n’est pas un voisin. Ex. Marie estunemère. Marie n’est pas unemère. Ex. Cesont des voitures. Ce ne sont pas des voitures.

  24. Now for the DEFINITE ARTICLES!

  25. F 1-Remember: ***Before H or a vowel: Le/La becomes “L’”: L’herbe L’heure L’ami L’amie ***However for plurals: Les stays “Les”: Les heures

  26. F 1--USE “LE, L’,LA, LES” FOR: 1. Talking about nouns in a general sense. (likes) I like pizza. J’aimeLA pizza. I like tennis. J’aimeLE tennis. 2. Talking about repeated days: Saturdays, I play soccer. Le samedi, je joue au foot. 3. NOTE: Samedi, j’étudie avec monamie(e) Saturday, I’m studying with my friend.

  27. FIN

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