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Let’s Break new Ground Together - Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Incentives Erez Wohl GM Partner Incentives Maurice Fitzgerald EOC Regional Program Manager Mark Blank -Sales Vice President Partner - Aztek. Let’s Break new Ground Together - Agenda. Program Overview and FY15 Direction Operations Improvements Partner Insight - Aztek.

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Enterprise Incentives Erez Wohl GM Partner IncentivesMaurice Fitzgerald EOC Regional Program ManagerMark Blank -Sales Vice PresidentPartner - Aztek

Let s break new ground together agenda
Let’s Break new Ground Together - Agenda

Program Overview and FY15 Direction

Operations Improvements

Partner Insight - Aztek

Partner Incentives | FY15 Strategy

Microsoft Partner Incentives accelerate partner business growth and development across our broad product portfolio and innovative Cloud solutions and services

Reward for Cloud Growth



Commitment to Partners

  • High Bar for Change

  • Predictability

  • Sustain On-Premise Business

  • Simplicity

  • Transparency

  • Ease of Use

  • Accelerate Cloud Services

  • Expand Partner Opportunity

  • Support Business Transformation

Partner profitability
Partner Profitability

Partner Opportunity

FY15 Incentive Design Principles

Microsoft Sales Priorities

Market Differences

Partner Profitability

Product Market Share

Partner Led Sales

Balance Simplicity and Performance

Simplified structure focusing on sell renew true up cloud
Simplified structure focusing on Sell | Renew | True-Up | Cloud

FY14 Enterprise Incentives overview





Acct Services

FY15 design goals

Stability and predictability



New EAs





MDOP / Windows Server Branch Accelerator (Select)

Cloud (O365, Azure, Intune, CRMOL)

Other offerings

MPSA Incentives

CASA/EES Incentives

Local Accelerators





Let s break new ground together in
Let’s Break New Ground Together in…

Support readiness
Support & Readiness

Previous State

  • Support queries entered via mail and CLT (Call logging Tool).

  • Partners requesting higher quality and quicker resolutions.

  • Not enough training and easily accessible readiness

Key Learnings

  • New tools required giving immediate, live response.

    • Logging CLT ~ 2-5 mins, resolution time ~ 36hrs.

    • Overall FY14 Partner query volume monthly average 525

  • Reducing query volumes = Increasing partner time saving.

  • Focused training sessions to address key concern areas.

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    Support readiness results
    Support & Readiness - Results

    Partner refresher sessions introduced.

    Enterprise readiness app launched in January FY14

    Enterprise chat tool pilot with select partners in EOC.

    Immediate partner response 8mins per query – scale up end March.

    Support targets reduced: 93% < 24hrs.

    Target average resolution ~12hrs.

    OnePlan escalation model introduced.

    [email protected]

    25% query reduction target by Q1 FY15.

    Target of 435 per month.


    System tools and design
    System Tools and design

    • Previous State

    • Partners manually identify differences in statements.

    • Difficulty in calculating overall earnings by enrolment.

    • Lack of timely visibility on potential earnings.

    • Key Learnings

    • Reconciling between statements taking too much time.

    • Providing historic data would reduce time calculating.

    • Difficulty accommodating accelerators in forecasting tools.

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    System tools and design results
    System Tools and design - Results

    Delta Report Available

    Eliminating/reducing partner time reconciling statements.

    Consolidated Payment Report

    Eliminating/reducing partner time calculating life-to-date.

    Earlier Statements

    All statements available to partners 2 weeks earlier.

    Incentive Calculator due March FY14

    Immediate calculation of potential earnings for partners.


    Payment turnaround
    Payment Turnaround

    • Partners requested continued reduction in payment time.

    • Previous turnaround target < 60 days after month end.

    • Payment completed in 45 to 55 days after month end.

    Previous State

    • Availability of funds impacting on partner cash flow and profitability.

    • Timelines constricted by program complexity – CA/MA

    • Partner notification of statements available and funds received needed to be improved.

    Key Learnings

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    Payment turnaround results
    Payment Turnaround - Results

    What does this mean for you?

    Tangible improvement in cash flow.

    Potential reduction in Cost of Capital on an annual basis.

    No change in partner payment terms - net positive impact on cash position.

    Final statement notification available in March.

    Incentive prefix visible in bank statements. ENT-123456

    Payment Turnaround time has reduced by 15 – 20 days (30 - 50%)

    Partner insight mark blank sales vp aztek
    Partner Insight – Mark Blank, Sales VP Aztek

    Support & Execution

    System Tools & Design

    Payment Turnaround

    Summary achieved and future targets
    Summary – Achieved and Future Targets


    72 hour support SLA

    CLT Query Support

    Partner time on queries

    Lack of historic view

    Manual Statement Reconciliation

    Predicting Earnings complexity

    Final statement in 30 days

    45+ day Payment cycle

    Pain Points


    24 hour Support SLA

    Immediate Chat Support

    25% Query reduction

    Consolidated Reports

    Delta Report

    Incentive Calculator

    Final Statement in 15 days

    30 day Payment cycle

    Ongoing Improvements needed

    Thank you.

    Channel Incentives Clinic @Room 8

    Channel Incentives Future State Booth @ Coffee Area

    Lets break new ground together
    Lets Break New Ground Together.

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