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How It All Started PowerPoint Presentation
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How It All Started

How It All Started

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How It All Started

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  1. How It All Started By: Macielle Osterling

  2. Once upon a time there was a man named Phillip Bingwing. He lived in New Califorsey.

  3. Phillip was a scientist to the extreme. He wanted to be handsome and noticed. He thought that it was his looks that made him an outcast. He always planted roses in his house, but whenever someone came over they would leave sneezing and throwing up.

  4. Phillip couldn’t believe that he could make people so sick. He tried to change his image and also tried to make a cloning machine.

  5. Not a normal cloning machine that you hear about. He wanted to make a machine that would make him look entirely different. He wanted the old self to be gone forever.

  6. As Phillip was working..his blackberry was beeping. He had received an email from the girl that left his house due to throwing up last week. He erased her text because he was so upset.

  7. As Phillip worked he became older and grew . He was 28 now and taller than ever. He decided he was done and his experiment was complete. He went in…

  8. It turned out he was stuck with the man he wanted to become. They were both attached at the arm. He came out all excited but…

  9. It started out that they had both personalities into their conjoined body, but after time one of them started to take control and that was Zac. !!Zac !!!

  10. Zac had different views of New Califorsey than Phillip. He saw it as a wonderful place where everybody could be together. Phillip saw it as a place where everyone should leave eachother alone.

  11. Zac was also having some defects. He was becoming a horrible person. He knew exactly where Phillip wouldn’t want to be and that was ….HIS OLD HIGH School.

  12. As much as Phillip fought to stay in control of his body, he couldn’t. Zac (pulling Phillip)entered one of the class rooms and there was Eliana. She was now a science teacher. Eliana was the girl who Phillip had loved and she left him barfing like all the others. Eliana ran to him and they talked.

  13. She asked why they had never spoken after she left that day. Zac told her that it was because Phillip thought she was ugly. He also said that Phillip thought she was too tall. Phillip couldn’t stop him…. OMG!!!

  14. Eliana just stared at Phillip and slapped him and said,”The only reason why I left that day was because I was allergic to flowers.”

  15. Phillip didn’t want this to happen. This was too painful for Phillip that he could hardly bare it. He decided to fight Zac. Phillip still had control of his right arm. They both fought arm to arm, until… PHILLIP WON!!

  16. Phillip had control of the bodies now. He didn’t care that Zac was still there because he had one thing on his mind and that was to make it up to Eliana.

  17. He went back to the school and went into Eliana’s classroom. Eliana couldn’t even stare at Phillip anymore. Phillip said, “ I learned from an old friend of mine, that we can all be together. I am sorry I was so mad. I had no idea you were allergic to roses. I thought you had left me because of my looks.” She denied it. Phillip said , “I wanted to become this guy, my old friend Zac, and I don’t know what to do with him.”

  18. There was suddenly a knock at the door. It was a girl named Vanessa. Eliana opened the door and said, “I am so sorry I totally forgot about the interview.” “That is alright,” she said as she looked at Phillip,” is something the matter?” Phillip said with a helpless sigh, “I don’t know how to get Zac off me.”

  19. Zac’s personality was coming back, but Phillip wasn’t going to let Zac back into his body. Phillip had a bottle of chemicals in his pocket and tossed it to Eliana. He told her to put it on their arm and to pull. Eliana as quickly as she could put the chemicals on the arm and ordered Vanessa to pull Zac and she pulled Phillip.

  20. They both pulled and pulled like a tug-a-war when just then…. Phillip and Zac were two different people.

  21. Right outside Eliana’s classroom stood the students with their mouth’s open. She had forgotten that her new class was coming in. One of the girls screamed and ran away. Another girl was writing in her journal what had just happened so that she could put it in the newspaper.

  22. There was a moment of silence and next thing you know the media and other scientists come in. The media talks with Phillip on the incident and Phillip decides to tell the truth. He told them everything…

  23. Then Zac immediately stepped in. “How crazy life in high school can be!”,said one of the media people. All the newscasters and media specialists were enlightened with the idea. Some people thought they would use Phillip’s new discoveries to help send Zac’s message to the world. “Well I think that we should all be together no matter how great the obstacles …even in highschool.”

  24. Next thing you know…New Califorsey is split in two. Creating two new places called California on the West and New Jersey on the east.

  25. But, they all ended up happy!

  26. Especially Phillip.

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  29. Cell= new califorsey • chromatid= phillip • Chromatid+zac= chromosome • Dna=personalities • Eliana&vanessa=centrioles • Eliana’s arm and vanessa’s arm=spindle fibers • School=metaphase plate • Force in metaphase=chemical bottle/telophase • California and new jersey=telophase not cytokinesis because they are both in the US.