unit 3 body language n.
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Unit 3 Body Language

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Unit 3 Body Language - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 3 Body Language. 文化背景导入.

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unit 3 body language
Unit 3 Body Language


You speak, write a letter, make a telephone call. Your words carry a message. People communicate with words. But do you think that you can communicate without words? A smile on your face shows you are happy and friendly.Tears in your eyes tell other others that you are sad. When you raise your hand in class. The teacher knows that you want to say something or ask questions. You shake your head, and people know your saying “No”. You nod, and people know you are saying “Yes”. People can use body languages to communicate with others.

lesson 9 dialogue and practice
Lesson 9 Dialogue and Practice

1. Listen to the tape of the dialogue.

  • Read the dialogue after the tape or the teacher and practice the dialogue
  • Make dialogues with the phrases to offer help.
difficult and important points in lesson 9
Difficult and Important Points in Lesson 9

1. It’s a pleasure to meet you.




一间快乐的事 (可数)

I will accept it with pleasure.

2. I can manage it myself.

manage 一般指设法做成某事,常与can, could , be able to. 连用。可接名词和动词不定式。

She managed to buy a book that she had wanted for a long time.

try to do sth manage to do sth
比较 try to do sth和 manage to do sth.


We managed to get the tickets for the film, but we weren’t able to.


We tried to get the tickets for the film, but we weren’t able to.

manage to do sth表示“设法做到,努力做成”, 含有 “成功地做成了”的意思。而 try to do sth 意为 “努力设法干……” 结果成功与否不涉及。此处结果是没看成, 所以用 try to do,而不用manage to do.

  • —— Can I get you a cup of tea?
  • —— _____________.
  • That’s very kind of you. B. With pleasure.
  • C. You can,please. D. Thank you for the tea.

当别人主动提供服务、帮助时,应回答:“Thank you 或That’s very kind of you”.

  • ——Can I help you with the box?
  • ——Thank you. But I can ______ it myself.
  • offer B. manage C. afford D. succeed
  • 2. We students read China Daily for ____ not for____.
  • A.an information;a pleasure B. information;a pleasure.
  • C. information,pleasure D.a information; pleasure





3. Would you ____ me to show you the way to the park?

A. like B. let C. have D. agree

4. ——Could I open the door for you?


A.Yes, you may. B. Yes you could

C. No you can’t. D.Yes, please

5. All of us were ______ with the result of the experiment.

A. pleasant B. pleasing

C. pleased D. pleasure





  • 1. The light in her room is on. Lucy mustn’t be out.
  • 2.It’s pleasure to take a bath after a day’s work.
  • 3.His parents managed to send him abroad, but they didn’t have enough money.
  • 4.Would you like me post the letter for you?
  • 5.The number of the students in our school are 1990.


tried to manage




Exercise1, 2 and 3 on page 83



and wish you

good luck !