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Headache/Head Injury Diagnosis PowerPoint Presentation
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Headache/Head Injury Diagnosis

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Headache/Head Injury Diagnosis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Headache/Head Injury Diagnosis. Paul Toland. This project is a website that will be used for headache/head injury diagnosis. There will be three separate parts to the project.

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Headache/Head Injury Diagnosis

Paul Toland

This project is a website that will be used for headache/head injury diagnosis. There will be three separate parts to the project.

A. Patient information– This section of the website will be for the use of the general public. There are two applets to help the patient decide whether to seek medical advice from a G.P., go to a hospital or take an aspirin and lie down. A reference library will be available for the patient to learn more on the possible causes of his/her headache. The applets and the reference library created using information gleaned from the British Medical Association Family health Encyclopaedia

B. Student information– This section will contain tutorials and a test on head injuries for medical students. A tutorial will outline a case of a head injury, the procedure that was followed, the decisions made and giving reasons for the decisions taken concerning the diagnosis and treatment. The test will be in a multiple choice format. Hopefully the tutorials and test will be based on information from a head injuries consultant.

C. Staff - This section will be for the use of nursing staff at a hospital. Nurse are being given more and more decision- making powers. In the accident and emergency departments senior nurses are now being asked to make decisions on whether to request X-rays, CT scans etc. This section of the project will contain a servlet that will guide the nurse through the procedures for the treatment of a head injury. The servlet will also list the possible injuries and give reasons for the inclusion of items on the list. The nurse will click on radio buttons in each section of a questionnaire that contain the symptoms and signs of head injury. At the end of each section a suggestion will be given for the procedure to be followed. The reasoning element of the servlet will possibly be created using biologically-inspired computing techniques. The information for this section has been provided by a head injuries consultant at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The project thus far

The two applets for the patient section have been created, along with several pages of the patient reference library. The pages have been created using MS Front Page, however in their final form they will be re-created using Dreamweaver. Research into all other aspects of the project continues.