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Three Part Harmony PowerPoint Presentation
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Three Part Harmony

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Three Part Harmony - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Three Part Harmony. Turn your solo act into three part harmony. Start writing the script to incorporate iRecruit , the FCCLA Planning Process and National Programs into a project plan. Foamies are fun.

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three part harmony

Three Part Harmony

Turn your solo act into three part harmony. Start writing the script to incorporate iRecruit, the FCCLA Planning Process and National Programs into a project plan.

foamies are fun
Foamies are fun
  • Using the supplies on your table, please make a foamie name tag to introduce yourself to the group.
  • You should be able to tell others a little about yourself by your design, such as your favorite color, something they can visually use to remember you!
  • People like to feel they are part of a group
  • Identify membership
    • Locker decorations
    • Name tags
    • Display case
    • Bulletin board
    • Foamies are fun! Introduce yourself to the people at your table using one thing from your name tag. Three minute time limit, everyone has to be afforded the opportunity, keep it moving.
select a national program
Select a National Program
  • Your choices are
    • Community Service
    • FACTS
    • Financial Fitness
    • Student Body
    • Families First
  • Move to a table with a group that has the same interest. (Go!)
group planning
Group Planning
  • Each table will pick a project topic
  • You may move to a table that has a topic that interests you or is relevant to your community/chapter
  • Post your project topic on the cardstock in the center of your table
planning process
Planning Process
  • Survey students for their interests and passions.
    • Newspapers
    • Internet
    • Personal stories
  • Students join forces in teams to research topics of interest
  • Planning Tree

Resource Development

  • A full description of this activity is available on the website



Who can help?


National Programs

Competitive Events

Skills we need to learn

Skills we have.

Project Goals

how can we incorporate irecruit
How can we incorporate iRecruit?
  • Brainstorm ways to encourage non-member participation.
    • Bring a friend
    • Invitations
    • Those not usually asked to serve “wall flowers, Adjudicated youth, disadvantaged and ESL”
    • Chain reaction/game/competition
    • Working with other groups. Who else in your school or community?
    • visibility
writing grant objectives
Writing Grant Objectives
  • Using your planning tree and the Writing grant objectives you were provided. Write three objectives for your project.
  • You now have the basics for your project.
    • Ideas for activities
    • Funding ideas
    • Which program you want to work with
    • Ideas for recruiting volunteers.
sing along time
Sing along time!
  • You have 30 seconds to BRIEFLY explain your project to the group….think of this as a 30 second spot on the radio!
  • What will you say?
planning process1
Planning Process
  • Using the tools provided by this workshop you should be able to pencil in a rough draft of the first steps of the planning process
    • Identify Concern
    • Set a Goal
    • Form A Plan
  • Which should make step four easy to implement when you get home!
the finale
The Finale
  • Recognizing the effort of volunteers!
    • Awards
    • Photos in display case
    • T-shirts
    • Points
    • Special lunch
    • Special treat bag