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HALLOWEEN!!!. What does Halloween mean?. Halloween means: “ All Hallows Eve” “All Hallows” “All Souls’ Day”. When did it start? Who started it?. Halloween started 2 thousand years ago. Roman Catholics celebrated Halloween to honor all the Saint’s in heaven. Halloween Today.

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    1. HALLOWEEN!!!

    2. What does Halloween mean? • Halloween means: • “ All Hallows Eve” • “All Hallows” • “All Souls’ Day”

    3. When did it start?Who started it? • Halloween started 2 thousand years ago. • Roman Catholics celebrated Halloween to honor all the Saint’s in heaven.

    4. Halloween Today • European and American people celebrate Halloween on October 31st.

    5. Who’ s Jack O – Lanten? • Jack O-Lanten is famous symbol of Halloween. Jack was a bad person. Jack tricked the devil and he climbed a tree. Jack drew a cross on the tree. The devil was scared of the cross and he promised Jack not to do bad things.

    6. Jack died. He didn’t go to heaven or hell. The devil gave an emerald to Jack and he put it into a turnip because it was bright. He lived rest of his life with that turnip and the emerald.

    7. Not a Turnip , but a Pumpkin • Irish people used turnip as Jack’ s O-Lanten. When they went to America they saw pumkins were softer than turnips so they used pumpkins .

    8. Why A Candel? • People put candles in to pumkins. They think ghosts and spirits go away. They wore costumes and masks because they didn’ t want ghosts to understand they were people. ?

    9. What European People Do On Halloween? • European people celebrate harvest around a fire. They tell ghosts stories sing and dance.

    10. The Meaning of Orange and Black • Colors of Halloween are orange and black. Orange means fall and harvest. Black means darkness and death.

    11. The Game of the Halloween “ Trick or Treat” is the popular game of this holiday. Many years ago beggers asked for “Soul Cakes “ on Halloween. This changed over the years.

    12. Now children go to the doors and they want candies. If the children don’ t take candies they make bad jokes, to the people.