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Applied DIGITAL Engineering PowerPoint Presentation
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Applied DIGITAL Engineering

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Applied DIGITAL Engineering
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Applied DIGITAL Engineering

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  1. Applied DIGITAL Engineering Discover new Possibilities Corporate Presentation Applied DIGITAL Engineering – Scandinavia AB, Headquarters in Sweden P.O. Box 32, SE-244 21 Kävlinge, Sweden Telephone: +46 (0)735 23 02 64, Facsimile: +46 (0)46 12 71 11 E-mail:

  2. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringA Brief Introduction to the Company A.D.E. [ head offices ] • A Truly European Profile Founded by French entrepreneur Dr. Fabrice A. Guillard Headquarters in Sweden A private company owned by key employees – a mark of confidence in the current troubled financial system • Corporate Mission We develop, provide and also service innovative vision technologies for non-intrusive measurements of research & industrial flows leading to improved process efficiency(measured by itys energy budget, operational costs and/or safety) and a reduced environmental impact(carbon footprint). Applications: Our business activities are focused on liquid and solid particle(s) characterisation.

  3. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringA Brief Introduction to the Company • A Technology-driven Company ~27% of our technology has been classified as unique on the market (worlwide) and ~15% is completely exclusive to A.D.E. • Focus on Added-value for our Customers Our products transform a 5-days work into a 1-hour routine work at basic level. And a 2 months-to-1 day work with automation. • A Prudent Corporate Governance led to a company value increased by +600% in 2008 (e3.4MKr by 2011) Currently strenthening our financial position for commercial expansion of our sales & support structure and the Sichuan region is a potential candidate for 2010.

  4. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringThe Company History (page 1/2) • mid-2005 Contact with a leading German Auto Marker (R&D division) with a real industrial issue: «How can we develop and validate a new motor injection system in 18 months when the only available technology (PDA from the 70ies) can only provide 1 complete set of measurement per 5 days – at best?»  Basic experimental plan with 5 parameters: ~18 months • 2005-2007 Development of the so-called CML-technology to measure particles diameter in extremely dense spray directly on real fuel with high accuracy; i.e. real industrial sprays.

  5. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringThe Company History (page 2/2) A Corporate Vision • 2008  A.D.E. – Scandinavia AB (Priv.) is enlisted at the Swedish Corporate Registration Office (556754-4126) and registered at the Swedish Business Tax Office  The CML- technology is further enhanced to global-CML and strenthened with additional functionality  Another (German) partner helps validate further the technology on other fluids and nozzle configurations • end-2009 A.D.E. is strong of: - A product portfolio consisting of 12 modular products - Integrated measurement line - A marketing image growing worlwide Added-value for our Customers Unique solutions Key technical issues

  6. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringMilestones going forward • 2010 • CaptureELM software • PROTEUS MI • PROTEUS-flex MI • 2009 • Extended product portfolio + Elements platform + 10 modular software products • 2008 • Prototype of global-CML technology (SizeMap) • Technology validation at industrial site Technologyevents • 2006/2007 • CML-technology development • Concept validation at industrial site 2010 2006 2007 2008 2009 • Incorporation in Sweden A.D.E. – Scandinavia AB • Website launched Corporateevents • NATO CAGE registration • DUNS registration • Secure e-Shop launched • NE subscribed at 100% • GLOBAL modeling • Search for local representatives initiated

  7. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringA Review of A.D.E. ’s Measurement Solutions & Products • What is Measured? Our precision measurement instruments are designed for fast and accurate 2D/3D characterisation of aerosols & sprays directly on raw fluids: - Global spray patternation and diagnostics - Particles/Droplets size and shape determination - Particles distribution (space and/or time) - Particles concentration, etc. • All our Measurements Solutions... - Are based on basic light propagation principles such as Mie, LIF, shadow imaging, etc. (non-intrusive character) - Enhanced by an intense R&D work at A.D.E.’s Laboratory on the mathematical modelling of lights propagation in multiphase flows & signal/image processing

  8. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringMeasurement Instruments • Light source(OEM) - Laser & light sheet formation optics • A.D.E.’s PROTEUS Vision System - High-speed camera(s) with customised specifications in terms of pixel size and frame rate - Synchronisation unit • Data Acquisition Software Package - CaptureELM Software Package • Application toolkits - incl. opto-mechanical components and other accessories related to the application CMOS sensor and electronic card embedded in the PROTEUS Vision Instrument

  9. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringSoftware Technology • Data Analysis Software Packages Element (ELM) Main Software Platform + Applications modules (unlocked by license keys) that transform signals into physical information Non-Application-specific Products Application-specific Products Advanced Data Analysis toolboxes Spray Diagnostics ExploreELM module TraceELM module ELM Data Analysis & Visualisation Software EdgeELM toolbox InsightELM toolbox Statistics & Probability toolbox Particle Sizing CaptureELM Data Acquisition Software SizeMapELM module IPSELM module ShadowMapELM module Application Deployment toolboxes Nested Macro Analyser toolbox MatLab~ELM Link toolbox (other property)

  10. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringThe Company Business Clusters Injection & Propulsion Systems (IPS cluster) Pressurised Injection Systems Propulsion Technology (Clean Power Technologies) Process Technology & Innovation (PTI cluster) Fire protection technology Painting technology Emulsion technology Bio-pharmaceuticals

  11. Applied DIGITAL Engineering A Glance at the Applications Whatever the cluster our development partners and customers belong to, our products are used in many different ways: • Research & Development Applied industrial R&D Scientific research • Quality Assurance Acquire quality certification (ISO, etc.) Generate QA procedures Run & document QA tasks • Internal Communication Communicate pitfalls and success-stories visually and improve the communication with management team at any level • Education Under-graduate teaching (Academia)

  12. The Key to Efficient Spray Optimisation Dynamic surface reconstruction based on droplets SMD-size; i.e. physical information (not on greylevel intensities) helps capture and better visualise the complexity of the spray atomisation process. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringDefining Trends in the Spray Technology – Development & QA Global-CML Analysis Screenshot of pressurised fuel spray injection (TASI 2,000s)

  13. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringDefining Trends in the Spray Technology – Development & QA • Pattern Analysis made Easy In fully automated/manual and consistent manner, extract accurate key information on spray geometry / patterns (in 2D or 3D): - Detect number of cones - Penetration length for each cone (in mm) - Cone orientation angle(s) - Spreading angles - Track these characteristics in time/space - etc.

  14. Applied DIGITAL Engineering Defining Trends in the Spray Technology – Development & QA • Accurate Diagnostics Access advanced 3D-data reconstruction features and: - ” Get inside the spray“ See, dynamically how the spray develops in space with as much as 98+% accuracy and detect, zoom and freeze animations on key events. - Get fundamental quantitative information such as statistics, particle distribution in space, etc. | click here to start (Link) |

  15. Applied DIGITAL EngineeringModernising QA in the Nozzle Manufacturing Industry • QA made Easy Certify spray nozzle quality with figures like: - Mass distribution figures - Particle size distribution / histograms - Patternation data - Spray atomisation symmetry, ratio - etc.

  16. Automation Solutions Capture Analysis sequence with a mouse-click ... and let the machine do the work! The Benefits are multiple: - Free man-power (The machine also work at night!) - Cut man-made errors drastically - Document QA paperwork easily Applied DIGITAL EngineeringModernising QA in the Nozzle Manufacturing Industry

  17. Boost Project Cost Efficiency from Start - Reduce fuel consumption (ex. An 18-months project consuming 10L gasoline/week: ~750L  25L) - Slash labour costs (1 man/18 month vs. 1 computer+1 man/2-3 weeks) - Reduce QA-related costs (by fast detection/correction of ”errors”) Applied DIGITAL EngineeringSome Benefits from a Project Management Perspective A Manager will first look at the total costs and time spent on a project during the evaluation phase. • Project Completion - By reducing the effective duration of the project from months-to-days, Managers can lead their team efficiently towards projected goals for project-completion on time. - Manpower can be re-scheduled/re-allocated to other projects quickly, thereby adapting to the factory pace.

  18. Internet Printed Material Brochure “Digital Measurement Solutions for Spray & Liquid Particle Characterization” Offices and Contacts A.D.E. – Scandinavia AB Box 32, SE-244 21 Kävlinge (Sweden) E-mail: Applied DIGITAL EngineeringMore Information