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WCO Customs Enforcement Network Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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WCO Customs Enforcement Network Applications

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WCO Customs Enforcement Network Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WCO Customs Enforcement Network Applications
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  1. WCO Customs Enforcement Network Applications

  2. WCO CEN Applications CEN Application Suite

  3. CEN is managed by the WCO while nCEN is managed at the national level

  4. Seizures and offences • Photos • Seizures and offences • Suspects • Companies • Photos Non-nominal part of the data can be transferred between the nCEN and the CEN automatically with the use of Icomm

  5. No link between the two applications • Information can only be transferred between the applications manually by the owner of the information

  6. A network is strength in numbers…

  7. Central global depositary of enforcement related information • Access to data from January 2011 for customs officers only • External organizations can only have access to the CENwebsite • Available in English, French, and Spanish • More then 314 553 cases • 3521 cases with 16 185 photos • 1763 users from 139 countries

  8. CEN users 964 299 106 72 174 148 1763

  9. Split into 13 different commodities • Excel templates exist for all commodities • Predefined structure of the database for easy data entry • A minimum amount of mandatory information to guarantee quality analysis • Powerful search function for cases and pictures • Statistics function with predefined queries

  10. Accessible from all browsers • An automatic reminder 10 days before an account is blocked • Pop-up alerts with information about latest updates • A password reset function available to NCPs • A forum for users to voice their ideas on system defaults or desired improvements

  11. Excel upload of data to the CEN: • Almost 211 000 cases of different commodities have been uploaded to the CEN • That’s around 66 % of all cases entered in the CEN • 20 countries use the excel upload function • CENComm operations’ non-nominal part of data can be uploaded to the CEN

  12. CEN website: • Accessible to external organizations • Alert messages divided into main commodities • WCO and Member reports • RILO publications and analyses • Customs press releases

  13. Bridging the gap through technology…

  14. A central depository of nominal Customs seizures and offences, suspected persons, means of concealment, and offending business entities at the national level • Accessible only to national customs enforcement officers • An Information Communication Interface (Icomm) for data exchange between nCEN systems and for transmission of non-nominal information to the CEN database

  15. Meets international security standards • An nCEN security audit has been carried out and recommendations implemented • nCEN package will be delivered with mandatory Information Security Guidelines

  16. nCEN software is free • Pilot Project in Mauritius and Kenya • Start of implementation in the ESA Region in 2013 • nCEN package contains the Icomm tool for data exchange between nCEN systems and for transmission of non-nominal information to the CEN database

  17. Roll-out plan per country: • Receipt of questionnaire • Evaluation • Pre-assessment mission (if applicable) • Purchase of hardware and installation of software • Training • Post-deployment support • Live operation and project completion

  18. Roll-out begins with the ESA region: • Mauritius operates live from 2012 • Questionnaires assembled have been evaluated • Pre-deployment missions are in progress • A shortlist of countries to be confirmed upon completion of the missions • Detailed procurement guidelines and market research to assist with the hardware procurement process • Risks are identified and mitigation measures put in place

  19. Real-time secure communication…

  20. Sharing of information and intelligence to enhance cross-border communication • Exchange of nominal information • Possible upload of non-nominal part of information to the CEN database manually or automatically • Organizer of the operation/project decides who participates • Different levels of access

  21. Secure communication system – personal login and password • A flexible and user-friendly tool • Encrypted data storage on the WCO server • Accessible only to closed user groups (CUG) for the duration of their active operation or project • Operational Coordination Unit (OCU) can be setup anywhere in the world. The only requirement is an internet connection • WCO is part of the testing phase only, for the operational phase the WCO is out of the CUG • Available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian • * soon available in Arabic!

  22. Automatic creation of the newsletters containing operation statistics, seizures information (including photos), involvement international organizations, information from other partners etc. • Allow CUG organizer to create and reset passwords related to their group (OCU+) • OCU able to create and ACCESS database of the seizures at any time during the operation

  23. An automatic alert to the user’s personal email account to inform them of a new message or a new document in the library Possibility to choose the language in which the application/templates will be displayed

  24. Different user ‘roles’ and possibility to amend user information • Formatted templates and a message database • Links to other projects • Library • Operational details and statistics

  25. Mailbox: • Keeps an accurate record of all formatted messages- certainty that a message is delivered • Enables to see if your message was already read by the recipients • Enables to send multiple attachments of up to 10 MB (all file types) • To arrange messages in topic folders e.g. feedback, seizure or warning messages • To reply to warning messages with the feedback or a seizure messages • Automatic alerts inform users that a message is waiting in the mailbox


  27. Library: • Users can share reports, newsletters, other reference documents • Possibility to create folders for each category of document • Upload of up to 10 MB (all types of files) • Automatic alert when new items has been added to the library

  28. 59 operations and projects in 2013, the highest number in CENcomm history • More than 900 users registered for short term operations and more than 1560 for long term projects • Increasing customization of the system tailored to the needs of a specific operation

  29. Programme Global SHIELD (WCO/ UNODC/ INTERPOL) – preventing the illicit diversion and trafficking of precursor chemicals which may be used by terrorist and other criminal organizations to manufacture explosive devices

  30. ENVIRONET Global real time communication tool for information exchange and cooperation in daily environmental enforcement Among officers: Customs, national environmental authorities, police, international organizations, and their regional networks For: information exchange, expert consultation, identification, and cooperation

  31. AIRCOP Establishment of real-time secured operational communication between selected airports

  32. Thank you for your attention! WCO CEN Team Email: