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Security Courses Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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Security Courses Australia

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Security Courses Australia
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Security Courses Australia

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  1. Security Courses Australia

  2. Security Courses • Security Guards help ensure the safety of the people and property of the organisation. Security guards patrol and monitor wide kind of security operations in banks, shopping malls, educational institutes, hospitals, museums etc. • For better security operations, guards need to be trained in different security aspects. They must be able to deal with stressful and dangerous situations. • That’s why almost all state requires a Security Licencefrom the security guards. For getting a valid security licence, there are security courses. By passing these courses, one will be able to get a security licence from the police department.

  3. Need of Security Courses • Sometime security guards have to face some dangerous situations. So the security guards must be licencedfrom the regular authority like NSW Police. • According to security rules and regulations of NSW, a security professional must have security Licence that reveals his/her excellent professional skills, qualifications, experience regarding security measures. • This is the reason, individuals who have Security Licence from the New South Wales Police are preferred to provide with security jobs.

  4. Certificate II in Security Operations • TO work in New South Wales (NSW) as a security officer, new entrants will be required to complete the basic Certificate II in Security Operations. With this course, the candidates also required to pass the first aid course. • This course covers the basic legal, operational and training skills to become a security guard in Australia. On successful completion of these courses, candidates will be able to apply for Class 1AC Security Licence. • Once, they’ll licenced, they’ll be able to provide security services.

  5. Certificate III in Security Operations • After completing your Certificate II in Security Operations, next step is to complete Certificate III in Security Operations. This course will provide you the ability to perform more specialized security functions. • Your role as a bodyguard may include protecting an executive under threat, entertainment and media personalities, high profile community members, person escorting valuables assets and persons under threat from domestic and third parties etc.  • After completing this course, you can perform functions of Bodyguards and Cash Transit officers. It is a 12 day course where all the necessary training and assessment will be provided to the candidates.

  6. Eligibility Criteria • As per NSW Police, students must satisfy the following requirements: • 1. must be of 18 years of age atleast. • 2. must be a citizen of Australia. • 3. must have to provide 100 points of identification. • 4. must be a fit and proper person to conduct security operations • 5. must be able to speak and understand English