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Freight Forwarder Germany

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Freight Forwarder Germany - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MyGermany is an online shipping and freight forwarding company. They provide shipping of bought goods from German and European online shops to customers internationally. Cargo of bulky goods is sent via Road, Sea, and Air. Their team of experts in logistics provide guidance at each step including completion of German export declaration documentation and import customs formalities in the customer's country.

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mygermany is a shipping and package forwarding

Mygermany is a shipping and package forwarding company that is based in Germany itself. Customers buying products from online shops of any German or European nation can take the help of mygermany to get their products shipped. The destination do not matter nor do the freight weight matter for shipping with Mygermany. The packages may be individual items or even bulky goods, Mygermany gets them shipped in reasonable charges. Customers do not have to worry about the logistics because the company provides help with import and export documentation too.

mygermany does not even count in extra charges

Mygermanydoes not even count in extra charges for the individual items, and the bulky goods may be trusted to reach the destination safely and within the anticipated shipping time. The company also helps the customers to calculate the charges for shipping their goods from the pick-up point to the drop-off location and according to their weights using the calculator available on their website itself. The customers are provided with updates about the location of their package(s) too. The company provides reliable and trustworthy services of shipping and is the most reliable for international shipping of freight.

transparent simple cost structure no membership

Transparent & simple cost structure.

No membership, monthly or hidden fees!

Keep use Mygermany shipping company services And start the Purchase products from German & European online shops and get it delivered to your country.