janelle g class period 3 n.
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The outsiders S.E. Hinton Published in 1967 coming of age

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The outsiders S.E. Hinton Published in 1967 coming of age - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Janelle.G Class Period 3. The outsiders S.E. Hinton Published in 1967 coming of age. Setting.

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  • The setting takes place in the 1960’s in New York. This isn't the business part of New York it’s the gangly and scary part. The sky seem to be always dark and gloomy and a lot of no goods walking around looking to pick a fight. New York is the perfect place for this story because New York is a rough and tuff place to live, so that’s why a lot of gangs live there. It wouldn't make sense if the story took place in the country because in the story it talks about how they robbed banks and there aren't many banks in the country.
  • The conflict is a man vs. man conflict because it has to do with Johnny and a boy from the soc. While Johnny and Pony Boy were at a park they met up with some of the socs. They started fighting, while Pony Boy was under water from being forced in there, Johnny was fighting with another soc and he went a little to far. He always carried a switch blade with him just to be intimidating, but he said he would never use it but this time he pulled it out and stabbed the guy. He died and Johnny and Pony Boy had nothing else to do but run away and stay there until they stop looking for them.
summary of plot
Summary of Plot
  • There are the greasers and the socs. Pony Boy, Johnny, Dally, Darry, Sodapop, and Two Bit are all part of the greasers. One night the socs decide to jump Pony Boy and Johnny, but Johnny took it to far and stabbed a guy which killed him. They were forced to run off and on their journey they meet up with Dally and they see the church they were staying in caught fire and Johnny and Dally got really hurt trying to save some kids in the building that they ended up in the hospital. Johnny died in his conditions and since Dally couldn’t stand being alive with out Johnny he went to rob a bank and let the cop shoot him in the chest so he also died. They all went to his funeral and after that everything seemed to go back to normal.
  • The chooses you make now will effect you in more ways than you think.
  • Johnny didn’t think that stabbing that guy would get this carried away.
  • Johnny and Pony Boy didn’t think saving those kids would end them up in the hospital.
  • Pony Boy didn’t think that coming home late would get him slapped in the face.
point of view
Point of View
  • This story is told in Pony Boys point of view. This sets the story really well because Pony Boy seems to have the most struggle in most of the characters. He goes through a lot of stuff with Johnny and the other gang members just stay behind and don’t really have much do to through out the story. If they told the story from Sodas point of view it wouldn’t be that exciting because he wasn’t the one who ran away got slapped almost died than saved kids from a burning building. It would be about his young brother ran away not knowing what happen than finding him at a hospital. I mean its exciting and all but Pony Boys story is more exciting.
  • In the story it talks about how Pony Boy loved to look at the sunset every morning and every night. The sunset symbolizes his innocence disappearing just like the sunset disappears every day,
  • I would recommend this book to many people. Especially the people that love adventure and a realistic story about no good kids getting in a lode of trouble but some how get out of things. So I would give this book a huge thumbs up.