php an open source platform to deliver myriad n.
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PHP- An Open Source Platform to Deliver Myriad Web Development Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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PHP- An Open Source Platform to Deliver Myriad Web Development Solutions

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PHP- An Open Source Platform to Deliver Myriad Web Development Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An open source server-side scripting language used mainly for the website development & can handle databases using MySql at server-side.

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php an open source platform to deliver myriad

PHP- An Open Source Platform to Deliver Myriad Web Development Solutions

The acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor is PHP, an open source server side scripting language used mainly

for the website development. Business lords can hire a reputed open source development services

to showcase their work and services on the web globally. Develop your business in terms of sales,

marketing, and credibility with an e-business. PHP has several exceptional characteristics, like:

Open source

Cost effective hosting and easy deployment

Can be used on all major operating systems with support for maximum web servers

Supports for structural programming and object oriented programming

Has powerful built-in functionalities

Possesses extremely useful text processing features

Today, it is a necessity of companies to have an engaging website to achieve bundle of benefits. A website

can create maximum awareness of the products and services of a business. So, get in touch with a open

source development services provider company to have an alluring business website. Listed below are the

prime advantages for companies to use PHP for web development:

Cost effective solution- PHP is an open source language that can work on both Linux and windows

server. Linux server has no licensing charge to associate with the server, making it a preferred and

cost-effective solution for users

multiple frameworks upholds php consists of many

Multiple frameworks upholds- PHP consists of many frameworks, including Codeigniter, Joomla,

Drupal, Magento for complex and ecommerce website solutions. The professionals can

accomplish your peculiar requirements and build an eye-catching website for you

With PHP, developers can create dynamic web pages and sites. Whatever is your requirements in terms

of CRM, Content Management System and ecommerce, PHP offers great solutions, meeting your unique

expectations. The professionals make websites using different CRM, CMS and ecommerce platforms

based on the PHP scripting language. Some of them includes:

WordPress- It is a powerful open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL

that started out as a blogging platform. It constitutes numerous pre-designed themes and more than

15,000 plug-ins. A reputed open source development services companycan create a customized website

for you according to your specifications. WordPress's plugin allows users to extend the features and

functionality of a website or blog to their specific needs. Also, it features integrated link management,

ability to assign multiple categories to articles, SEO–friendly, clean permalink structure and support for

tagging of posts and articles.

Drupal- It is a free content management system written in PHP and used as a back-end framework

for at least 2.1 percent of all websites worldwide that range from personal blogs, corporate,

political and government websites. It is also used for business collaboration and knowledge

management. It constitutes several features, including menu management, taxonomy, RSS feeds,

registration and maintenance, system administration and page layout customization.

Magento- It is based on the PHP 5 object-oriented coding standards and Zend. Magento offers

businesses with an excellent online shopping cart solution. It features rich admin panel, great

flexibility over the layout, design, and exceptional technical support.

Laravel- It is a comprehensive PHP framework that features lightweight Blade templating engine,

unit testing, ORM, a packaging system, and RESTful controllers. It can easily manage noSQL

structures, such as MongoDB or Redis.

CodeIgniter- It is a powerful PHP framework that consists of a simple and elegant toolkit to build

rich-featured web applications. It can built projects faster by providing a set of libraries for

commonly desired tasks, and a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. It

has simple installation process with minimum

has simple installation process with minimum configuration, and can work well with several

shared and dedicated hosting platforms.

OpenCart- It is an open source PHP based internet shopping cart system that offers excellent

solution with minimum manual configuration and intervention. It has encompassing extensions,

free and paid and several opportunities to tailor the online store effectively to cover the business

requirements. It offers easy website navigation to users.

ZenCart- It is a PHP shopping cart program that is built on the GPL code foundation of commerce

operation system. It is the fastest web shop setup management system that can be set up quickly.

Final words

Many business owners are integrating different CMSs, CRMs and ecommerce platforms based on PHP

because of their exceptional features. This platform can make your development process much faster,

easier and more fun. So, get in touch with a PHP development companytoday to skyrocket your online