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Český svaz žen Czech Women´s Union. Non- governmental Organisation ( NGO ). Chairperson : PhDr.Zdeňka Hajná, CSc. Organization is focused on: CEDAW Action Platform – 1995 Beijing 23rd Extraordinary Session of the UNO. Czech Women´s Union. Program: Women’s Condition in Society

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Český svaz ženCzech Women´s Union

Non- governmental Organisation ( NGO )

Chairperson : PhDr.Zdeňka Hajná, CSc.

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Organization is focused on:


  • Action Platform – 1995 Beijing

  • 23rd Extraordinary Session of the UNO

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Women’s Condition in Society

  • Labour Market

  • Country Women

  • Family Strengthening

Czech Women´s Union

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  • 45 thousand members

  • 920 grass roots


  • 4 regional centers

  • Central Assembly

  • Central council

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Collaboration with State Body

  • Government’s Priorities and Procedures for the Enforcement of the Equality between Men and Women , The National Action Plan

  • Govermental Council for Human Rights – the Section for Equal Opportunities

  • Governmental Council for Equal Opportunities for Men and Women

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Legislation

    1982 – Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women

    1991 Law on Salary

    1993 - The Constitution of the Czech Republic – its part: Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Legislation

    1998 Action Plan –Priorities and Procedures for the Enforcement of the Equality of Men and Women

    Law on legal means of protection against discrimination and on equal treatment is being discussed nowadays - not specified only for women

Czech Women´s Union

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Czech Women´s Union

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  • Organisations dealing with gender equality issues-Governmental level:

    Responsibility for coordination- Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    • Section for Equality of Women&Men

      Action Plan – Government Priorities and Procedures for the Enforcement of the Equality of Men and Women – completed and amended by the Act of Government every year

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Organisations dealing with gender equality issues-Governmental level:

    Authorised Officers for Equality Issues in each Ministry – part-time

    Governmental Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men – 19 members (5 women organisations of that)

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Organisations dealing with gender equality issues-Governmental level:

    Governmental Council for Human Rights

    - Committee for Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination of Women – propose the Reports of CEDAW – representatives of governmental administration and women organisations

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Action Plan:

  • Promotion of the principle of equality men and women as part of Government policy

  • Legal support for equality between men and women and raising legal awareness

  • Promouting equal opportunities for men and women in access to economic activities

  • Balancing social position of men and woímen caring for childern and gfamily members in need

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Action Plan:

  • Considering women from viewpoint of their reproductin function and physiological differences

  • Suppression of violence directed at women

  • Monitoring and assessing effectiveness of ptomotin of the principle of equal treatment of men and women

Czech Women´s Union

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Project is financed by the EU and National Budget

The name of the project:

Conditions for balancing professional and family life-partnership in family

Coordinator- CWU

Developing partnership – 27 partners

Czech Women´s Union

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  • To contribute to change in attitudes of the general public

  • To support creation of partnership in families

  • Strengthening of women's self-confidence

  • Motivating employers

  • To improve women's position on the labour market.

Czech Women´s Union

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Target groups

  • Women on parental leave, women after parental leave, recent students and graduates, unemployed women of mid to senior age (pre-pension), rural women, handicapped, low qualified, post-incarceration

Czech Women´s Union

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Main activities:

  • The activities are aimed at analyses of the current state/situation, seeking new solutions, preparing recommendations for solutions

  • Concept – processing of 4 methodologies aimed at different focus groups

  • Recommendation of measures that may be applied to the employment policies

  • Transnational cooperation – Scotland, Sweden

Czech Women´s Union

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  • The analyses results

  • Methodologies training

  • Pilot stage

  • Counselling

  • Medial campaign

Czech Women´s Union

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Current project situation:

  • The phase of analyses is complete including legal analysis

  • Synopsis of 4 methodologies

  • Preparation of pilot verification

  • Preparation of development partner’s conference with potential output users from the project Information is available on

Czech Women´s Union

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Methodology No. 1 - general

  • Goals: Initiate changes in society’s attitudes,the matter of equality between genders,the matter of women’s equality in family and in work, change the understanding of men’s and women’s roles in society

  • Focus Group: The Public, Public administration, Journalists and Education Providers

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Methodology No.2–Disadvantaged groups of women

  • Goals:to develop motivational and educational program for disadvantaged groups of women with the name “I am knowledgeable, I want to, I can”,help to raise chances for disadvantaged groups of women to assert on the labour market

Czech Women´s Union

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  • 4 modules:

    1. Motivation, self-examination, the ability to identify others

    2. Individual progress and information about educational possibilities

    3. Woman in Czech society in 21st century

    4. Woman Situation in relation of work and labour-law

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  • Methodology No. 3 – Effective influence on employers (what the employer should know about flexible working methods and gender politics and the importance of this knowledge)

  • Goal: demonstrate that the application of anti-discrimination policies in companies can have a positive impact, support the employers’ concern, and by using the women’s potential, it could be economically advantageous.

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Methodology No. 4 – Counselling and services

  • Goal: To monitor Czech labour market in providing counselling and services, establish counseling centre for equal opportunities for men and women with special attention to problems in the labour market, analysis of services for families with small children and suggest steps to achieve this.

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Sokrates - Grundtvig 1

    Project - Associative involvement of women and responsibilities

    Referee - France - National Information, and the documentation center for women and families, Spain and Austria

Czech Women´s Union

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  • Goal: help women to manage and undertake voluntary managers’ responsibility in associations and let them evaluate their own skills and obtain responsible positions in other structures as a politics, work and civic society.

  • CWU – June 2005 – elaborated methodology verification

Czech Women´s Union

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Thank you for your attention.

Contact details: Český svaz žen

Panská 7, 111 53 Praha 1



Telephone: 00420 224 211 017


Czech Women´s Union