settlement workers in schools school district 43 coquitlam n.
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Settlement Workers in Schools School District 43 Coquitlam PowerPoint Presentation
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Settlement Workers in Schools School District 43 Coquitlam

Settlement Workers in Schools School District 43 Coquitlam

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Settlement Workers in Schools School District 43 Coquitlam

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  1. Settlement Workers in SchoolsSchool District 43 Coquitlam FORTIFYING FAMILIES & COMMUNITIES October 2011

  2. ROLE OF SWIS IN SCHOOLS School based settlement services Partnership between Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Innovation & Ministry of Education Province wide since 2007 Provide a bridge between home & school as well as cultures Ministry Objectives: • Help children adjust to school culture & focus on learning • Provide parents with information & resources • Increase parents; • Understanding of Canadian culture & schools • Involvement in school & community • Assess needs & barriers to successful integration • Increase access to programs & services

  3. BASIC SWIS SERVICES Connect with new immigrant families Provide Needs Assessment: • Physical • Social • Emotional • Spiritual Develop a Plan for each member of family

  4. FAMILIES EXPERIENCE SETTLEMENT ISSUES Culture Shock Loss of Status job, identity, property, self- esteem Loss of Cultural Values & Ethnic Heritage Loss of Language Proficiency Absence of Extended Family Fragmentation from Family Isolation Dependency Inter-generational Stress

  5. SUPPORTING FAMILIES Provide Accurate & Timely Information Schools, culture, laws, rules, rights, resources, health care, housing, shopping, cooking, legal aid, life skills, ELSA, daycare, employment services, referrals to agencies and immigration services……. Individualized Services Consider culture, stage of adaptation, family circumstances, personal and family strengths - service individual needs of each family member….. Group & Community Services Culture specific workshops, group coaching, social celebrations…..

  6. KEY TO SUCCESS: Emotional Connections/Attachments Based on: • Unconditional acceptance • Mutual respect/trust • Positive regard • Genuine care • Support each individual and family unit with empathy and dignity

  7. SERVICES PROVIDED 2010/2011


  9. A DAY WITH SWIS… Roya’s Journey Becoming a SWIS worker Common Barriers Language Prevents families from accessing basic needs, resources Housing Limited income Too few affordable units Existing units present social problems for newcomers Health Care Access to physicians in clients’ language very limited Food Limited finances contributes to poor diet Mental Health Increasing numbers of clients requiring Mental Health services Very limited counselling services Success Stories

  10. A DAY WITH SWIS… Lecia’s Journey Becoming a SWIS worker “Jose’s” Story Family background Searching for Support Trauma Counselling required Language, Cost, Distance Barriers Age Appropriate Frequency of Service Working with whole family Results

  11. A DAY WITH SWIS… Soheila’s Journey Becoming a SWIS worker “Rihana’s” Story Family Background Rihana’s challenges Searching for Support – Plan of Action Coordinating Services Family Education Celebrating Success Moving forward Learning to cope with new challenges Towards independence Services adapt to changing needs