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Orientalist Paintings ( 3 ). orientalist-art.co.uk. An Oriental Noblewoman and her Entourage on a Barge. Ferdinand Max Bredt. Donkeys at a Watering-Place. Adam Styka. Small Boy on a Donkey Near a Palm Plantation. Adam Styka. Mother and Children by the Nile. Adam Styka.

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Orientalist Paintings

( 3 )


An Oriental Noblewoman and herEntourage on a Barge

Ferdinand Max Bredt

Small Boy on a Donkey Near aPalm Plantation

Adam Styka

The Carpet Weavers

Feliks Michal Wygrzywalski

Favourite of the Emir

Benjamin Constant

The Fruit Seller

Raphael Von Ambros

The Market

Mariano de Franceschi


E. Marquette

The Tailor's House

Eugène-Alexis Girardet

The Watermelon Seller

Raphael Von Ambros

Raphael Von Ambros

A Street in Algeria

Frederick Arthur Bridgman

The Card Players

Frederick Arthur Bridgman

In the Seraglio

Frederick Arthur Bridgman

In the Courtyard of the Harem

Ferdinand Max Bredt

Afternoon, Algiers

Frederick Arthur Bridgman 1847-1928


Isidore Alexandre Augustin Pils


Constant Joseph Brochart

The Favourite

Antonio Maria Fabres y Costa

The Narrator

Ferencz-Franz Eisenhut

The Pasha and his Harem

François-Gabriel Lépaulle

Turkish Women

Antoine de Favray


John Frederick Lewis

Shopping in the Harem

Rhudolph Swoboda

Harem Song

Vincent G Stiepevich

The Girl and the Old Man

Guiseppe Gabani

Three Fellahs

Charles Gleyre

The Gift for the Favourite

Antonio Maria Fabres y Costa

The Pet Parakeet

Guiseppe Guidi

An Idle Afternoon

Francesco Ballesio

The Siesta

Frederick Arthur Bridgman 1847-1928

A New Light in the Harem

Frederick Goodall

An Odalisque

Leon Herbo

In the Harem

Umberto Cacciarelli

A Reclining Beauty

Francesco Ballesio

Blonde Odalisque

François Boucher


Francesco Paolo Michetti

The Mandolin Player

Conrad Kiesel

The Sultan's Favourite

Edouard Richter

The Harem Beauty

Francesco Ballesio

L'Odalisque aux Flowers

Delphin Enjolras


Maurice Bompard

A Musical Interlude

Alexandre-Louis Leloir


Adolphe Weiz

The Afternoon Siesta

Gustave de Jonghe

The Slave Market

Fabbio Fabbi

Dance of Gargoulette

Alfred Henri Darjou

Arriving at the Mosque

Nicola Forcella