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PCard. Training for Cardholders JPMorgan Chase Mastercard. . 2 websites for cardholders http:// www.uco.edu/administration/pcard/ UCO PCard guidelines, policies and procedures,

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Training for Cardholders

JPMorgan Chase Mastercard

  • 2 websites for cardholders
    • http://www.uco.edu/administration/pcard/
      • UCO PCard guidelines, policies and procedures,
      • reference this site for questions on card usage, appropriate purchases, documentation requirements and statement reconciliation.
    • https://www.paymentnet.jpmorgan.com
      • J.P. Morgan Chase's card management platform
      • Available to all cardholders as well as financial managers, even though they may not have a card account
      • Make org and expense reallocations, print reports, monitor transactions and card balance
  • Applying for a PCard
    • Application is available on PCard website
    • An org Financial Manager and Dean or Director must approve your default account
    • Each employee is issued one Pcard
    • PCard is for authorized University purchased only – personal use is strictly forbidden.
    • PCard may only be used by named cardholder (no sharing of cards) This could result in immediate revocation of card privileges.
    • You as cardholder are responsible for all transactions, documentation requirements and record retention.
  • Closing a PCard / Change of Employment
    • When cardholders are transferred or terminated, use of the PCard is no longer authorized.
    • The card should be returned immediately to the PCard Manager for cancellation or surrendered to HR upon employee check out. Failure to return the card may result in withholding of pay.
    • If an employee transfers to a new assignment, they may apply for a new card account by submitting the PCard Application Form.
    • All PCard receipts and other documentation will remain in the department for which the purchases were made.
  • Closing a PCard / Change of Employment cont’d
    • Upon notification from HR of a cardholder’s resignation, their PCard account will be closed immediately. 
    • Arrangements need to be made within the cardholder’s department for additional purchasing.
    • The cardholder will be contacted by PCard Compliance for an exit review to be completed before the employee’s departure.
  • Card Replacement
    • EXPIRATION: The PCard is terminated on the last day of the expiration month indicated on the card. 
      • A replacement card will automatically be issued during the expiration month, and the cardholder will be notified by email when it is available for pickup.
    • Lost or Stolen: Please complete the PCard Lost or Stolen Notification Form and immediately report the lost/stolen card to:
      • JPMorganChaseby phone at (800)316-6056.
      • UCO PCard Manager at 974-2497
      • UCO Department of Public Safety at 974-2345
  • Card Replacement cont’d
    • UCO is responsible for all charges

Until the bank is notified

    • FRAUD
      • A cardholder may be notified by JPMorgan Chase of possible fraud on the card. If it is determined that fraud exists, the card will be closed and a replacement card with be received within 24 hours.
      • Affidavit: You may be requested to complete and submit an affidavit confirming the fraud to the bank.
  • Card Limits
    • $2,499 limit per purchase
    • $5,000 limit per monthly UCO billing cycle
      • From the 6th of the month through the 5th of the following month
    • Any PCard purchases for amounts above these thresholds must be specifically authorized by the PCard manager.
  • Card Limits cont’d
    • Splitting orders to avoid restrictions is not allowed and will result in card suspension or revocation.
    • View Card Limits and Current Balance in PaymnetNet
      • Login, click on My Profile icon, click on Accounts tab.
      • Click on the account number you wish to view.
      • The single transaction and monthly card limits are displayed on this page as well as the current balance and available credit
    • Security by Merchant Category Codes (MCC Codes)
      • Merchants who fall into high risk or restricted item categories have be excluded from access for transactions.
  • Making a Purchase
    • Review department budget

for available funds

    • Approval from the budget’s

Financial Manager

    • Review current UCO contracts for mandatory contracts or recommended vendors (Purchasing website)
      • Quotes are required for purchasing off contract.
  • Making a Purchase cont’d
    • Determine the correct purchasing method
      • Allowable items $2,499 or less should be purchased with PCard (review card restrictions)
      • Items which are restricted from the PCard payment method or cost more than $2,499 must be processed with a Banner requisition submitted to the Purchasing office.
      • Note:  For purchases less than $2,499 submitted by requisition, the requestor must communicate a reason by checking one of the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the requisition form.
  • Sales Tax
    • As a state agency, all purchases made by the University of Central Oklahoma are Oklahoma sales tax-exempt
      • Cardholder must request that tax be deleted from the transaction
      • UCO’s tax exempt permit number is 894984.
      • The permit number is embossed on the front of the PCard
      • Document is available on PCard website under Documents and Forms
      • If tax is charged
        • Cardholder has the responsibility to contact the vendor and request a credit be issued for the tax amount.
        • If a credit is not issued and tax is included, the cardholder is liable for the amount of the tax
  • Ownership of Goods
    • The Owner of Recordis your department and the University of Central Oklahoma.
  • Delivery Address
    • All tangible items must be delivered to a University address.
    • Use of home addresses for University purchases is not allowed.
    • The University address must include the cardholder's name, building and room number. Central Receiving must have this information in order to identify the item for efficient delivery to your campus address.
    • The UCO delivery address must be reflected on your

receipt or you must retain the packing slip.

  • Disputes
    • The department shall settle any and all disputes directly with the vendor.
    • If the dispute is not resolved, please contact JPMorganChase at 800-316-6056 for assistance or submit the dispute online in PaymentNet. 
    • The cardholder has 60 days from the date the original purchase was made to dispute a transaction. 
    • If a credit refund is issued, the department is to instruct the vendor to issue a credit to the original cardholder's PCard number. 
    • If the transaction is disputed through the bank
      • Temporary credit will be applied to the account and the bank will work with the vendor to settle the dispute either in favor of the cardholder or vendor.
  • Card Restrictions
    • State law, Board of Regents and University policies govern when and how purchases are made.
    • With the PCard, items not allowed are goods and services which are handled exclusively by the Purchasing Department because of State or University requirements or which are on established university-wide contracts.
    • Although some suppliers may accept the PCard for disallowed purchases, it is the ultimate responsibility of the cardholder to avoid the purchase of restricted items.
  • Prohibited PCard Purchases
    • Please continually refer to the Pcard website for a current list of prohibited transactions.
    • Purchases allowedon PCard, but require documentation in addition to the receipt retained:
      • Registrations – Prepayment of Registrations Form
      • Awards & Trophies – Document established program
      • Hazardous Material – Environmental Health & Safety
      • Meals and Refreshments – MERF Form w/ VP signature
      • Hotels/Lodging – for other persons not cardholder
      • Contract/Vendor partners - quotes
  • Types of Purchases
    • Apple
      • Tablets are restricted not just iPads
      • Apple products must be purchased at Central Tech Store
    • Technology – Always consult IT
      • “Inside the box” computer purchases
    • Gift Certificates – Requisition only
    • Shipping – Outgoing through Central Receiving
    • Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing Services
      • Contact IT Technology Resource Center
  • Types of Purchases cont’d
    • Office Supplies – Staples
      • To request a login to the contract website, contact Lee Foreman, lee.foreman@staples.com, with Cardholder Name, Email address and Dept. Name, Bldg. & Room Number of department(s) for which purchases will be made.
      • Online orders placed by 3:00 p.m. are delivered the next business day to your desk!
      • Off contract orders over $49 are restricted
      • Furniture – contact your Buyer for available contracts
      • Printing – RK Black (Central Printing), vendor partner
  • Monthly Statement & Documentation
    • Detailed Receipts
      • Must be acquired and retained whether the purchase is made in person, by internet or phone
      • Receipts must list each item purchased with individual and total amounts as well any other individual charges
      • If a receipt is missing, please fill out a missing receipt form, including appropriate signatures, and retain with your statement.
        • The form does not take the place of the receipt, but is necessary to provide additional information about the transaction. This will be a violation of guidelines.

Other documentation required in addition to receipt

  • Reconciliation
    • Reallocations in PaymentNet
      • Org to post to budget
      • Expense account code
      • Notes field
        • What was purchased
        • What was the purpose of the purchase
        • Who authorized the purchase
      • Keep these up to date during the cycle
      • Complete all reallocation before printing statement
  • Reconciliation cont’d
    • Monthly Statement by Billing Cycle
      • Cardholder statement and all required documentation for all card purchases must be reviewed and signed by both the cardholder and the Organization Financial Manager of all organizations to which charges are applied
      • Expenses reallocated to an "S" organization other than athletics, must have the signature of the Student Activity Budget Manager. Office of Student Affairs.
      • Forward approved statement to the Accounting Dept. NO LATER THAN requested date. Failure to submit will result in suspension
      • Accounting will post transaction to Banner budgets.
      • Retain statement copy and all documentation for 7 years per State regulation
  • Document Organization
    • Organize your records by stapling together:
      • Monthly Statement of Account as cover sheet
      • Detailed receipts and other documentation in the same order as they are listed on the statement
      • Compliance staff will be unable to audit documents not in proper order
  • Training Requirements
    • Required courses include:
      • Classroom Instruction on Guidelines and Procedures for first time cardholders
      • Subsequently every two years through the Cardholder Refresher Online Module
      • PCard Financial Manager (Online module)
      • Register through the Learning Center
  • PaymnetNet
    • Log in
  • PaymnetNet
    • Home Page
  • PaymnetNet
    • My Profile
  • PaymnetNet
    • Screen Views
  • PaymnetNet
    • Accounts
  • PaymnetNet
    • Transactions Manage
  • PaymnetNet
    • Transaction Detail
  • PaymnetNet
    • Add Lines or Dispute
  • PaymnetNet
    • Queries
  • PaymnetNet
    • Transaction Query
  • PaymnetNet
    • Transaction Query
  • PaymnetNet
    • Reports Create
  • PaymnetNet
    • Reports Create
  • PaymnetNet
    • Reports Create – Run Automatically
  • PaymnetNet
    • Reports Download
      • Submitted – Processing - Successful
  • PaymnetNet
    • Statement – Level 3 vendor
  • Cardholder Expections:
    • Adhere to all State, University and PCard guidelines
    • Adhere to all Purchasing policies and guidelines
      • Please refer to the Purchasing website or contact your buyer
    • Familiarize yourself with PCard website
      • Check frequently for updates
        • Read email blasts and newsletters
      • Any questions, contact PCard office before completing transactions.
    • Submit approved statements to Accounting on time
    • Retain all organized statements and documentation for annual PCard audit
    • Ultimately assume responsibility for every transaction on your card
  • Frequently Seen Review Issues:
    • Disorganization of documents
    • Missing receipts
    • No detail on receipts
    • MERF forms
    • Incorrect or missing hotel documentation
  • PCard Office
    • We are here for you!
    • All your hard work

is greatly appreciated!

    • Kathy Constien, PCard Manager
      • kconstien@uco.edu Ext 2497
    • Whitney Kelsey, Compliance Coordinator
      • wkelsey@uco.edu Ext 2337
    • C Renee Wilson, Accounting Clerk
      • cwilson34@uco.edu Ext 2499
    • Michaela Smith, PCard Reviewer
      • ProCardReview@uco.edu Ext 2497