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  1. Welcome! Lets travel together to the sights of kharkiv!

  2. The city was founded in the middle of 17th century by the eponymous, near-legendary character called Kharko (a diminutive form of the name Chariton), the settlement became a city in 1654. Kharkiv became the centre of the Sloboda cossack legion. The city had a fortress with underground passageways. The monument to Cossack Kharko. The sculptor is Zurab Cereteli. Do you know that…?

  3. Kharkiv’s Railway Station • The first railway connection of Kharkiv was opened in 1869. The first train to arrive in Kharkiv came from the north on 22 May 1869, and on 6 June 1869, traffic was opened on the Kursk–Kharkiv–Azov line. Kharkiv's passenger railway station was reconstructed and expanded in 1901, to be later destroyed in the Second World War. A new railway station was built in 1952.

  4. Blagoveshenskiy Cathedral • Blagoveshenskiy Cathedral is one of the tallest Orthodox churches in the world. It was built in 1655. This Cathedral is a landmark.

  5. Zerkal’naya struya is a fountain in Kharkov, Ukraine. It is near the Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet. It was built in 1947. It remains one of the most remarkable architectural monuments in Kharkov and, due to that, has been listed in UNESCO's Encyclopedia.

  6. Monument to T.Shevchenko • March, 24, 1935. A great holiday in Kharkov: the unveiling of the monument to the great son of the Ukrainian people Taras Shevchenko (1814 - 1861), the revolutionary-democrat, the ardent fighter against tsarizm and serfdom was taking place.

  7. The theater opened on November 17, 1933 play by Nikolai Gogol The Inspector. In 1939 the theater was named after Alexander Pushkin. The first artistic director of the theater was a popular actor Nikolai Petrov. Kharkov Russian Drama Theater named after Pushkin

  8. The Pokrovsky (Protection of the Virgin) Cathedral is the oldest city building. It was built in 1689. The Pokrovsky Cathdral is located close to the Constitution Square and is a valuable monument of the Ukrainian architecture of the second half of the 17th century. This is a typical Ukrainian three-domed church. Its exterior decorations have some elements of Russian architecture testifying to links between the Russian and Ukrainian cultures. The cathedral was severely damaged in the years of the Second World war. The restoration of the cathedral began in early 1990s and then it has been returned to the Kharkiv Church Eparchy. Now it is an acting orthodox temple. Pokrovsky Cathedral

  9. A stately Glory Memorial was unveiled in the Forest Park in 1977. It immortalizes the undying exploits of the Soviet people fighting the Nazism. At this city's northern boundary, the Hitlerites executed tens of thousands of Soviet war prisoners, partisans, members of underground resistance, and patriots who had not submitted to the enemy. Three memorial steles with lowered cast metal flags tell the story of Kharkivites' contribution in the Soviet people's battle with the hateful enemy. The Kharkivites displayed unprecedented courage and heroism in battles with the nazis. 230 of our compatriots were given the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, tens of thousands have been awarded with orders and medals. Glory Memorial

  10. Welcome! At the end of our trip we come to the conclusion that our city has got a lot of landmarks and interesting places.

  11. Working at the project we used • http://www.kharkov.ua/ • http://miko-tour.com/ • http://ru.wikipedia.org/ The project has been done by students of 11th form, Kharkiv specialized school №114