All You Need to Know About Wireless Computer Printers
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All You Need to Know About Wireless Computer Printers

A wireless printer is a printer that works without the wired connections, just like the name suggests.

Such computers and printers use infrared indicators. Most wireless printers these days are also

appropriate for tablets and mobile cell phones too. Lets us find out about it.

With almost all network connections becoming wi-fi, Wireless printers naturally became the next

logical step for manufacturers. These ink jet printers come with WiFi transceivers included in them.

Just set up the printer to the network and you are good to go. A person can connect as many devices

to the printing device depending upon the system thus eliminating the requirement to have a

separate printer for each and every machine.

Having a wireless printer is almost an essentiality today. It is estimated that very soon the Desktop

PC will almost be obsolete and almost all computing will be done through handheld touchscreen

devices like Tablets, laptops and mobile phones. There already dedicated printers for Ipads known

as Air Printers which hook up through the air printer app on Ipads to do your printing work

wirelessly. Presently there are also WiFi Printers which was mentioned in the previous paragraph

which establish a direct wifi connection with your device for stamping purposes. This is exactly like

how software like ShareIt work. And also there printers that have no inbuilt WiFi receivers but still

can be can be connected wirelessly by plugging them to a wifi router.

Making a wireless printer is very easy, if it's an Air Printer or a WiFi Printer and you wanna hook up

it to a tablet or a mobile device, it is simple to set up as there are dedicated apps on both ITunes and

Playstore to let you do that. In case you wanna hook up the same to a PC, just plug a wifi receiver to

your PC and tada your connection is almost done. All you have to do now is to determine the direct

wifi relationship between your laptop or computer and the printer. It is different from printer to

printing device and will also be explained in their manuals. Now, if your printer doesn't have an

Inbuilt WiFi transceiver, there is a simple way to turn it into a wireless printer. Take a USB cable

and connect it to a WiFi Router and configure your printer in line with the router. This avan differs

in line with the printing device and router used but will definitely be discussed in their manuals.

When Steve Jobs announced Air Printers back in the year 2010, a lot of folks were skeptical.

Someone said that there was no way capsules can one day replace desktop computers and so they

have no need for Air Printers. But now, we are at a stage where Tablets are almost as important as

Desktop computers. So, having a wireless printer is almost as essential as having a tablet case or

tablet accessories. So, it is time to order your new wireless printer and join the wi-fi revolution.