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University of British Columbia (Canada). Memorandum of Understanding April 2008 in Grenoble Visit of NEEL délégation in Vancouver March 2009 Exchange of PHD and Post-Doc students Collaborations (STM low temperature project). Hanoi University of Science(Vietnam).

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University of British Columbia (Canada)

Memorandum of Understanding April 2008 in Grenoble

Visit of NEEL délégation in Vancouver March 2009

Exchange of PHD and Post-Doc students

Collaborations (STM low temperature project)

Hanoi University of Science(Vietnam)

Memorandum of Understanding October 2009 in Hanoï

Visit of a Vietnamese professor delegation in Grenoble December 2009

French contributions to master course

Scientific period in grenoble for master students

PHD students in Grenoble

Scientific school in Hanoï

Lia lea international associated labs european associated labs
LIA-LEA International Associated Labs- European Associated Labs

LIA CNRS-Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research (*NIN)*

Xi’an China

Laboratory for Application of Superconductors

and Magnetic Materials (LAS2M). A. Sulpice

The CNRS-KIST LIA was created in 2006 for four years, to conduct research on nanophotonics, through collaborative projects (quantum dot based single photon source, optics and transport in single nanowires), exchange of researchers, and annual workshops.

LIA CNRS-KIST (South Korea) Le Si Dang

LIA CNRS-Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics Moscow

-Moscow Engineering Physics Institute-Russian Foundation for Research J. Dumas

French –Russian LIA (n0 315) “Physics of Coherent Electronic States in Condensed Matter”. (French coordinator: J. Dumas)

The Partners of this LIA are: Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics (RAS), Moscow; Moscow Engineering Physics Institute;

Russian Foundation for research; CNRS, Institut Néel, MCBT. The aim of the Project is to study basic physical phenomena related

to the strong electron correlations in a wide class of low dimensional conductors. The studies include : -Charge ordering in 1D or 2D system

s -Torsional deformations and Actuators in charge density wave compounds -Spectroscopy of Peierls conductors and low-dimensional

surface atomic structures -Magnetic Field-induced phase transition in electronic crystals and graphene -Theoretical aspects.

LEA CNRS-Max-Planck- Institute Halle Germany C. Lacroix

Dynamic magnetic imaging with PEEM, epitaxial self-organization, theory of transport and spin, surface X-ray diffraction, micromagnetic simulations, in situ strain measurements etc.

UBT team

European Microkelvin Collaboration - MICROKELVIN - is an EU-funded Integrating Activity project carried out in the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme "Research Infrastructures". It is a bottom-up approach of 12 partners to provide access to and develop applications of ultra-low temperature regime

Planck will provide a map of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) field at high angular resolution, covering at least 95% of the sky over a wide frequency range

Helium from fundamental to application team

Experiment for direct detection of dark matter

V. Olevano

C. Berger

European school on Magnetism Romania

O. Isnard, C. Lacroix, O. Fruchard

European school on nanoscience and nanotechnologies

H. Courtois

The European Advanced Cryogenics Course (“Cryocourse”) will provide training in the areas of low-temperature physics and techniques. It is organized by a consortium of several European Low Temperature laboratories and industrial partners.

H. Godfrin

Higher European Research Course for Users of Large Experimental Systems

O. Isnard, J-L. Hodeau