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Public Health Data Standards Consortium. National Center for Health Statistics 2002 Data Users Conference July 16, 2002 Suzie Burke-Bebee, MS, BSN, RN Data Policy and Standards Staff National Center for Health Statistics Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Presentation Agenda.

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Presentation Transcript
Public health data standards consortium l.jpg

Public Health Data Standards Consortium

National Center for Health Statistics

2002 Data Users Conference

July 16, 2002

Suzie Burke-Bebee, MS, BSN, RN

Data Policy and Standards Staff

National Center for Health Statistics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Presentation agenda l.jpg
Presentation Agenda

  • Recognize the Consortium and its membership

  • Identify with its mission

  • Discover common ground

  • Join the ranks (our workgroups)

Who is the public health data standards consortium l.jpg
Who is the Public Health Data Standards Consortium

  • Coalition of 37 organizations committed to the promotion of data standards for public health and health services research (see brochure for specific members)

    • Federal agencies (CDC, AHRQ, CMS, HRSA, NCI, SAMHSA)

    • State agencies and regional consortia (CA, MA, NE, NY, WA, WI, MHDC, MHDI, PHCCCC)


The consortium message is heard l.jpg
The Consortium Message is Heard!

  • Resulted from the concrete expression of a vision stated at the 1998 Workshop on “Implications of HIPAA for Public Health and Health Services Research” (One Voice)


    • improve the health and health care of the U.S. population through improved health related information by expanding involvement in existing health data standards and content organizations and determining standards needs through consultation with data leaders and data users.

Consortium role today l.jpg
Consortium Role Today

  • Advocate

  • Convener

  • Voice

  • Education and Support Resource

The consortium today l.jpg
The Consortium Today

  • Advocate

    • Promote data standards in public health

    • State rationale for standards

    • Build momentum

  • Convener

    • Gather diverse constituencies (PH and Researchers)

    • Coordinate data standards activities in PH

    • Provide forum to exchange ideas

The consortium today7 l.jpg
The Consortium Today

  • (One) Voice

    • Ensure one voice is heard from PH and Research in standards development process

  • Education and Support Resource

    • Support DS implementation at State/Local levels

    • Conduct outreach to diverse PH communities

    • Understand the terrain (“The Big Picture”)

      • SDO/DCC/DSMO activities

      • PHs Business Cases – work into the terrain

Lessons from september 11 l.jpg
Lessons from September 11

  • The unimaginable can happen

  • Our information systems are inadequate

  • There’s some urgency

  • We have to do it right

The consortium message is embraced l.jpg
The Consortium Message is Embraced!

  • DATA



    • the common language that allows:

      • sharing information

      • communication across disciplines

      • integration of disparate data systems

      • comparisons among data sets

      • linkage of data in a secure environment

Consortium s broad scope of data interests l.jpg
Consortium’s Broad Scope of Data Interests

  • HIPAA claims-related data

  • Birth and death data

  • Disease registry and surveillance data

  • Birth defects data

  • Etc.

Consortium s main focus 1999 2000 l.jpg
Consortium’s MAIN Focus 1999-2000

  • National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) identified health and research data needs for State encounter data

  • Consortium prioritized data elements

    • established ad hoc workgroups to develop recommendations for inclusion or expansion in the (HIPAA) standards development organizations

Consortium s main focus 2001 2002 l.jpg
Consortium’s MAIN Focus 2001-2002

  • Developed & implemented EDUCATION STRATEGY - contract with The Lewin Group and NAHDO for:

    • Building partnerships/educate constituencies

    • Participating in development of national standards

    • Supporting implementation of standards

  • Endorsed & prioritized strategies with workgroups established (see brochure for workgroups)

Consortium s main focus today l.jpg
Consortium’s MAIN FocusToday

  • Implement Education Strategy

    • in phases & through workgroups:

      • WRC - BDM

      • HCSDR - ED

      • OB/SP - NHII (future)

      • E-Codes

  • Incorporate → 501(c)3

    • for funding educational and marketing projects

Success stories 1999 being at the table l.jpg
Success Stories 1999… being at the Table

  • Standards Data Content Committees

    • NUBC

    • NUCC

  • Standards Development Organizations

    • X12

    • HL7

  • Designated Standards Maintenance Organization (the HIPAA change process)

Consortium s success stories 1999 data l.jpg
Consortium’s Success Stories 1999… Data

  • Mother’s Medical Record Number (on a newborn claim)

    • X12N - 837 Institutional Standard

  • Race & Ethnicity

    • X12N - 837 Institutional Guide

    • X12N – HCSDR Guide

  • E-Code data collection (external cause of injury)

    • 6 fields on UB02 accommodating ICD 10 CM

    • Multiple codes in HCSDR Guide

Success stories 2002 education communication data l.jpg
Success Stories 2002… Education, Communication & Data

  • Web-based Resource Center (WRC)

    • HIPAA-focus initially

    • And beyond - HIPAA Plus

  • Health Care Services Data Reporting implementation guide (HCSDR)

    • Incorporates and standardizes State reporting requirements for encounter data

    • Promotes migration by States to 837 Standard

    • Publication of Guide anticipated October 2002

  • Consortium challenges 2002 and beyond l.jpg
    Consortium Challenges 2002 and Beyond

    • Strengthen partnerships

      • public-private relationships

    • Leverage, not duplicate, other standards activities

      • Using national healthcare industry standards:

        • X12 including 837 Claim/Encounter Transaction

        • HL7 including the PHCD Model (CDC/NEDSS)

    • Increase participation in Consortium work groups and related activities

    Consortium challenges 2002 and beyond18 l.jpg
    Consortium Challenges 2002 and Beyond

    • Identify resources for major Consortium projects

    • Spread the standards message (two-way)




        “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

      • Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) British philosopher and sociologist

    Slide19 l.jpg


    How to join Consortium or join workgroups:


    Marjorie Greenberg:

    Michelle Williamson:

    Suzie Burke-Bebee:

    Consortium Brochure:

    or available at NCHS DPSS Table

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    Subscribe to the PH-CONSORTIUM-L listserv:

    send an e-mail toLISTSERV@LIST.NIH.GOV with the following text in the message body: SUBSCRIBE PH-CONSORTIUM-L YOUR NAME

    More Information about Consortium’s Work Groups:

    Scroll to each workgroup listed as a hotlink

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    More General CDC Information about




    Race & Ethnicity (code set):

    Contact information l.jpg

    Contact Information

    Suzie Burke-Bebee


    Public Health Data Standards Consortium