Raising funds through e marketing
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Raising Funds through E-marketing. Yogesh Aggarwal Director . Purpose of emailing. Planning your e-campaign. What is your Target Audience? What kind of campaign do you need? When to do ? What to Ask? How Much to Ask? Cost Benefit? Landing Pages ?

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Raising funds through e marketing

Raising Funds through E-marketing

Yogesh Aggarwal


Planning your e campaign
Planning your e-campaign

  • What is your Target Audience?

  • What kind of campaign do you need?

  • When to do ?

  • What to Ask?

  • How Much to Ask?

  • Cost Benefit?

  • Landing Pages ?

  • Spam Issues? How to handle? Why my mails go in Spam?

  • Text VS Image mailers?

  • How to read you campaign success?

  • Should you do integrated campaign or an isolated targeting?

E marketing flow
E-marketing flow

28 - 30 November, India International Centre, New Delhi

Targeting ?

  • Hypothesis?

  • Study of your current donor base?

  • Test ?

  • Scaling?

Stage of campaign
Stage of campaign?

  • Is it new ?

  • Does it needs engagement program or direct donations?

  • Engagement program --- How to integrate?

  • Fund Raising Program ? … What to Ask?

Day wise open
Day wise Open %

Wed- Fri ( Best to do Campaigns)

Hourly chart day wise
Hourly Chart – Day wise

  • Prime Time :

  • Thur 9 : 18

  • Wed-Fri : 12-19

What to ask
What to Ask?

  • Participation?

  • Donations ?

    • For What ?

    • What Value ?

Projections email marketing
Projections – Email Marketing

Year 1 : Total projected donors to be acquired X & value of Y Lakh

Testing what all
Testing ? What All ?

  • Subject Line?

  • Email creative?

  • Is it capable to attract Donor to Click?

  • Your Ask?

  • Your Landing Page? – Is it good enough to make him Act?

Tips to maximize delivery potential
Tips to Maximize delivery potential

Create great content.:

  • ISPs are increasingly looking at user engagement as a means of gauging the legitimacy of emails and their senders.

  • Open rates, click rates, response rates and user-generatedspam flags all matter, and to drive strong metrics in these areas

    • You need to present highly relevant content with each communication.

    • To draw customers’ interest, the content must tailor to their needs anddesires.

    • Ask yourself: Does this message fit my audience’sdemographics, behavioural patterns and personal preferences?

    • To find out, test your messages before you disseminate them to assess theimpact of your send frequency, subject lines and other personalizationtactics.

    • The bottom line on content is that it must spark customer engagement.If customers find that emails from your brand contain useful anddesirable information, they will keep opening your messages.

28 - 30 November, India International Centre, New Delhi

Tips to maximize delivery potential1
Tips to Maximize delivery potential

  • Adhere to the law to steer clear of spam. Sending relevant contentand developing a reputation for doing so are the best ways to ensureISPs direct your emails to customers’ inboxes.

    • But while content relevance is king, there are also certainregulations that provide a threshold for legal compliance.

    • The federal CAN-SPAM law applies to all commercial, non-transactional messages sent within the United States. (Commercial messages include any emails sent with the primary purpose of advertising or promoting a commercial product or service, including content on a website operated for a commercial purpose.)

      • It requires three specific areas of compliancerelated to

        • unsubscribe processes,

        • email content

        • sending practices

Tips to maximize delivery potential2
Tips to Maximize delivery potential

  • Keep your distribution lists clean.

  • It’s important that the people who receive your emails are people who have indicated that they want to receive these messages.

  • If you keep your email lists organized and free from inactive addresses, you will undoubtedly increase your delivery results.

  • A good way to start is by removing all hard bounces after every campaign mailing. Then, take off any users that haven’t opened a message in six months.

  • Simultaneously, it’s crucial to nurture new opt-ins by sending automated welcome messages that lay the foundation for strong relationships. Purchasing email lists and third-party data is not a wise practice, as it inhibitspersonalization—a key element of strong email content.

  • Finally, make it transparent and easy for users to unsubscribe. Makingit difficult to do so encourages customers to flag unwanted messagesas spam. Better that they don’t receive the messages in the firstplace.

Emailing during occassions
Emailing During Occassions

  • Tip 1: Review last year's campaigns. Take some time to look at last year's creative, messaging, offers and metrics, paying close attention to conversions and any spikes in opens, clicks, unsubscribes and complaints. Knowing what worked for you last year will help you build a successful strategy this year.Tip 2: Pay attention to fundamentals. Don't rush through creation and miss important aspects like tags,broken images or links. Pay close attention to: • Subject lines: Stand out in a crowded inbox with clever, uniquesubject lines, and be sure to mention offers and discounts. • Call-to-action messages: Be sure to include a text version ofyour call-to-action as images might not display. And remember, whileit is tempting to pack emails with products, offers, and more, toomany options overwhelm shoppers. Keep it simple. • Holiday flair: Use holiday-inspired headers and footers that linkto gift centres, customer service, shipping rates, and deliveryschedules.

Emailing during occassions1
Emailing During Occassions

  • Tip 3: Design effective landing pages.

    • Landing pages must be designed to entice and encourage a sale, and

    • must make it very easy for the customer to complete the Donation

    • Just like your emails, landing pages should be direct and focus on the product linkedfrom the email.

    • If you require your customers to search for the itemyou'll lose them.

Emailing during occassions2
Emailing During Occassions

  • Create a consistent cross-channel campaign.To maximize sales you must communicate with your customers across multiple channels—email, mobile and social, online and print ads,in-store displays, and more.

  • Most importantly, you must be consistentin the messaging.

  • Be sure that the main message (including prices,dates and specials) remains the same.

  • Your multi-channel campaigns should be designed to work together and support each other.

Emailing during occassions3
Emailing During Occassions

  • Launch a special holiday email series.Creating a holiday campaign, promoting it as a special seriesHelps

  • Remind.You could be losing three-fourths of your potential donors to abandoned; but an automated re-marketing campaign / Call Backs can increase conversions, average order size and your overall ROI.The holiday season is hectic for everyone, but don't overlook thesetips – they will increase the loyalty and lifetime values of yourcustomers and grow your holiday revenue.

Raising funds through e marketing

Normal Mailer

Mailer Modified for festive season

28 - 30 November, India International Centre, New Delhi

Spam filters why your mail is getting into spam


Spam Filters – Why your mail is getting into Spam?

Why mailers in spam
Why mailers in SPAM?

  • Domain Reputation ?

  • Data Integrity ? – Open rate to be managed ?

    • Bounce Rate Controlled < 1%

    • Spam Complaints to be < .1%

  • Behaviors Analysis… Open Rate , Click Rate

  • Excess Usage of IP : More than specified

  • Spam Words? Impact 1%

  • Design Failure? Text and Image (60:40)

  • Image Download : Content of Image , Alt Tagged in HTML.