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Spirit of Endurance

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Spirit of Endurance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spirit of Endurance. Spirit of Endurance. Vocabulary. Spirit of Endurance. frigid – adjective –very cold The frigid weather caused me to tremble and shake!. Spirit of Endurance. treacherous – adjective – full of danger

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Spirit of Endurance

Spirit of Endurance



Spirit of Endurance

frigid – adjective –very cold

The frigid weather caused me to tremble and shake!


Spirit of Endurance

treacherous – adjective – full of danger

The rickety bridge seemed like a very treacherous thing to walk across.


Spirit of Endurance

expedition – noun – a journey with a specific purpose

The expedition to the top of the mountain seemed dangerous and unreachable.


Spirit of Endurance

labor – noun – hard work, toil

Working the fields of a large plantation is intense labor!


Spirit of Endurance

triumph – verb – to be successful or win

The Seminoles hope to triumph over the Gators in sports because they are ultimate rivals.


Spirit of Endurance

dismantled – verb – took something apart piece by piece

The mechanic dismantled the engine in order to figure out what was wrong with it.


Spirit of Endurance

uninhabited – adjective – not lived in

The uninhabited beehive was used as a model in science classrooms.


Spirit of Endurance

abandon – verb – to leave and not return

When birds are old enough, they will abandon the nest and fly out on their own.


Spirit of Endurance

Exhaustion – noun – to be extremely or completely tired and/or worn out

The new parents felt a great sense of exhaustion due to the baby waking up multiple times a night.


Spirit of Endurance

Drift – noun - the movement, flow, or current of something

My family and I enjoy watching the slow drift of the clouds across the sky.


Spirit of Endurance

Limit – noun – a maximum or minimum in amount, quantity, or number

In baseball you have a maximum limit of 3 strikes before you are called out.


Spirit of Endurance

Haggard – adjective – having a worn, tired, and even wild appearance

The kids returned home looking very haggard after playing outside in the mud and rain.


Spirit of Endurance

Dreary – adjective – a feeling and/or showing of gloom and discouragement

The stormy weather made for a very dreary atmosphere.


Spirit of Endurance

Optimistic – adjective – looking at the best possible outcome; highly positive attitude

The students were very optimistic about doing well on the FCAT because they had prepared all year.


Spirit of Endurance

Desperate – adjective – suffering extreme need and/or anxiety

Starving children around the world are desperate for food and clean water.